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  • Formula RX / R1 levers – either side ??
  • fuzzhead

    i run mine upside down (RX), no problems.
    Mine came on a Meta SX straight from Andorra, so came configured Euro-style which meant I had to flip ’em.


    Can Formula RX / R1 levers be run left or right i.e flip flop (I think the terminology is)
    I am in the process of buying some from Germany, and I rather suspect that they will supply as per the European standard (i.e rear brake with the long hose on the right and front – short hose on the left) I know some can be run either way and some cant, so wondering if this is the case with the RX / R1..Thanks

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yup, R1 is flippable for sure, RX not sure but Formula normally are.

    Likely the hoses will be long, though… If it’s a full aftermarket brakeset it should come with hosejoining parts anyway- but all you need for Formula is the olive, £2 from CRC. You can reuse the pin and o-ring. (you can probably get away with just refitting the hoses with the original olive but it’s Not A Good Idea.)

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Bike24 say both are flip-flop. Just like all other Formula brakes.

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