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  • Formula E – possible spoiler alerts (if you really GAS)
  • mk1fan

    Plenty of regulations about racing electric vehicles in the RC world. Wouldn’t do any harm for the powers that be to read through the various regulations for those world and national series.

    Battery changes are going to be interesting given the packs currently form part of the chassis. Any solution is likely to add weight to the cars.

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    Yeah, battery changes are a way off at the moment.

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    Competitive development of motors could also be a major thing, how will they govern that in the absence of cylinders? limited current? fixed number of coils/amount of copper?

    Thing is, the “motor” is not the issue. The current motor in the Formula E series is already very efficient (around 99% at peak power!!) so, even with an enormous and costly move to something ridiculous like using a superconducting motor, there is only a 1% power advantage to be had!

    The issue is more in the battery pack/inverter and the cooling of the system to enable a high continuous load to utilised (unlike a conventional engine, the system gets loaded during both acceleration AND braking).

    Ultimately, limiting the maximum system voltage limits system power in much the same way as the old F1 rev limit did.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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