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  • Formula Cura 4 Brakes | Shiny Stoppers With Modulation and Power
  • nach
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    David tests out the ever so shiny Formula Cura 4 brakes. Once he’s stopped looking at them, or himself in the reflection, how do they perform? Having …

    By nach

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    Great brakes. I’ve got 4pots up front and 2pots rear on my zesty and worlds better than the XT brakes I’ve had on the last couple of bikes. Just popped a full set of 2pots on a top fuel and they just work. Don’t think about them just intuitive. Same can’t be said of the constantly wondering bite point I used to know so well.

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    What’s the clearance like on these and the 2 pots? OK for a UK winter or a constant soundtrack?

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    My 2 posts have been fine this winter. Find them very quiet in South Wales typically conditions, especially compared to friends Maguras and my old XTs.

    There is a recent thread where an owner of both 2 & 4 pots said the 4s have more clearance so were less sensitive to setup, not that I’ve had an issue with mine.

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    I sure hope they are stiffer than older rotors from Formula, which used to be so soft that they´d bend if you looked at them wrong…

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    Been looking at these for a while to replace my RO’s which have been fantastic.
    Great review and sound like they are a decent brake..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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