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    Mine are like that and are fine after 10 months use..l

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    On my rx’s from merlin, I got a spare clamp which was the other way around. Only on the rear one mind, so it does seem hit and miss.

    Premier Icon fadda

    There should be spare clamps in the box, with the arrows the other way round…

    edit: too slow, although I had them for both sides…


    The back plate of the clamp comes off completely does it not? So you can have it any way you prefere?…


    just come to fit some formula megas, bought a while ago from merlin. the levers look exactly the same from both sides, but there is an ‘up’ printed on the clamp, obviously specifying the way the lever should be mounted.
    however, this will give me a left-handed front brake, which would send me mad.
    hence, the levers are now on upside down, but seem to work (bike isn’t finished just yet).
    so, query, anyone else run them upside down and they’re ok? or have they definitely got to be as ‘up’ suggests.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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