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  • Forks/Shock/Post Servicing – Who To Use?
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    I’m in the unenviable position of needing my forks, shock and post servicing (to be fair, they’ve had 5 years of use so its about time!). The choice of people to use seems to be bewildering – last time I had a set of forks serviced there was Mojo or TF Tuned and that was about it!

    So who is best? I’ve had a look at Pace as they’re local’ish and I could hopefully drop everything with them and pick up a week or two later but its still £300 to get it all done.

    Is there anywhere else I should be speaking to? For info, forks actually seem ok but as mentioned, they’ve had 5 years use, shock is starting to weap a bit onto the shaft and the Reverb has developed about an inch of travel and on yesterdays ride stopped going up/down.

    Premier Icon skellnonch
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    I guess you will get numerous answers, I’ve used TFT for years, great advice and service… although if you haven’t had them serviced for 5 years it may not matter too much 😉

    Premier Icon dc1988
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    Anyone reputable should be fine, they will all be well in need of a service! I used Plush as they are local to me so I saved on postage.

    Someone on eBay advertises Reverb servicing for around £45 which could save you a little

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Check out Slick and Slide in Macclesfield, his pricing is keen and I can vouch for the quality of work and service. As will others on here I’m sure.

    Edit: Though if you haven’t even done a lowers or aircan service in five years, you may effectively have a load of scrap.

    Premier Icon MartynS
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    Another vote for slick and slide, Ric does a great job

    if you can deliver and pick up you’ll save the courier fees, but as mentioned above if you’ve not touched them for 5 years there may be more than a service needed

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    I’ve usually used TF Tunned or Plush in the past.
    I’ve heard good reports about Silk in Rotherham so going to give them a try with my forks once the upgraded bits arrive

    Premier Icon scc999
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    I used Slick & Slide.
    Good price, good service and advice.
    My Shock was goosed as the shaft was badly worn and RS don’t sell that as a spare part. No charge for pulling it apart to find that and put it back together again.
    Also got good advice on what replacement to go for (in terms of parts and servicing ease).
    Forks felt great after he’ finished with them.

    Will be using him when I get them done in the spring.

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    Another vote for TFTuned here.

    Premier Icon stevemuzzy
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    Tf tuned were brilliant with me. Patient and gave great advice. Not as expensive as I thought they would be either.

    Premier Icon mulv1976
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    Tftuned. Have tried others to save ££ but not as good, so went back to TF. They have always been excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for imo

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    Premier Icon cb
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    Be careful with the Googlin of Slick n Slide!! Unless you were seeking sexy lube…

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