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  • Premier Icon tomaso

    New bike build pondering what forks to get and how much difference a charger damper makes in the real world outside the miniscule differences detected by MBR/MBUK and other testers.

    My old 26 Lyriks had the motion control damper (it may have been the posher Mission Control?) and were fantastic.

    I’ve been on Pikes with Charger damper for last 4 years and they are great performing forks for me.

    Do I get the cheaper, heavier, burlier but slightly inferior damped Yari?

    The standard Pike for a little bit more damping quality and less weight?

    Or go for the expensive, burly Lyriks with a charger?

    All three would do the job but I can’t make my mind up. Ego says Lyriks, wallet says Yari and my sensible voice says Pike.

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