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  • gribble

    I have a 150mm Revelation (26 in wheels), which is probably 4 years old now. It has been on my full susser and is now on the hard tail (Cotic Bfe 26). Fork is dual position solo air (so will drop to 120mm).

    My Bfe is now my one do it all bike (apart from an 115mm xc hard tail which I keep for cycling with the kids etc).

    I have read a lot about beefier stantioned forks, but not had any experience of them myself and am unlikely to get an opportunity to try them. Is it worth getting something like a Pike, or am I just looking for an excuse to buy something bling for myself?

    I ride a lot of local Surrey Hills mincing stuff, but also will be taking the bike for proper mountain biking on mountains, with rocks and not just loam and mud. Travel adjust is useful (I use that and the lock out for some steep roads uphill), but as long as I could lock it out I could manage.

    Options available seem to be:

    RS Pike RCT 3 Solo Air 2016 160mm at £460 (ish) from Rose
    Marzocchi 55 Micro STA 2014 at £500, 160-120mm travel adjust from Merlin
    RS Lyrik RC2DH 170mm (can be adjusted to 160mm) at £450, last one in stock, from CRC
    Something from ebay – Pikes seem to be on at circa £300

    Both sets of wheels I have can change from 15mm to 20mm.


    I have a 650b Revelation that was 150mm but i’ve dropped it to 120mm. Its fine for 95% of my riding, but for the other 5% something stiffer would be nice. I think 32mm stanchions at 150mm would allow more flex and so might benefit from 34mm / 35mm stanchion upgrade. What about the 2018 Revelation with 35mm stanchions? same MoCo damper as you have now, the Pike gets the Charger system.


    Qwerty – thanks; Rev were not on my list but I will take a look.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    New Revs are 650b not 26, so need to set them to 140mm to use on the BFe26 really.

    Those old Lyrics at 160mm would be tidy.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    As above, the newer 2018 Revs are substantially improved over the old.

    Really depends how much money you want to spend. If money was no object I’d probably look at 2018 Pikes or Lyriks. If you were trying to keep cost down I’d look at a SH Pike or new pre-2018 Yari. The Yari isn’t the lightest fork, but it’s no heavier really than the old 454 20mm Pike we all ran happily. I’m running a Yari at 120 on my Solaris and Pike at 130 on my Mk4 Soul.

    All presuming you want to stay RS of course. Cy is very clear in his belief in XFusion forks…


    All I can say is that I never thought I noticed flex that much. Then I got a set of Fox 36s and noticed how much better my bike felt through rocky rooty stuff than the old one, but as the old one was 15 years old I took it with a pinch of salt.
    However, I then bought a 2 year old Whyte 901 with Sektors, and the difference is mind boggling. I no know what people mean when they described stuff as noodly!

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Totally agree. The difference in steering sharpness and therefore confidence has to be felt to be believed.

    It’s not so much that 32 is particularly bad for most riders as that wider and stiffer is so obviously better as soon as you ride something with it and point downhill…

    If you go Rockshox go for one with the posh internals as from my experience (Got Pikes and Yari, had Revs, mate had modern Revs) the cheaper ones will not be miles better than your current forks where as the Pike etc will be.

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    If you don’t mind something older I have some 2009 ish Fox van rc2 forks in the cupboard I could be persuaded to part with for a lot less than those prices!


    I’ve gone from revs to a Yari (non boost) and there was a noticeable difference to be fair.

    That said, if I get a decent bonus in a few months time from work I’m going to upgrade to a charger damper and luftkappe I think. Not that I need to do it but just fancy tweaking the bike some more.

    Premier Icon pnik

    I went from float 32’s to a Pike on my 26″ five, and as above, hadnt noticed flex before but the difference was significant, gave me a whole load more confidence in the bike. I still have the forks which have only done 100miles or so, as i replaced the bike soon after, i’m down in Brighton if you want to have a go. They are solo air with no travel adjust though.


    Thanks all for the advice and input. I am looking to buy new, as I am planning to keep the fork and bike for a while. I would consider something nearly new (if people want to sell, not trying to push it).

    Pnik, thanks for the offer but struggling to get time out at the moment with work and family commitments.

    Just to add to add it to the mix, Rose are doing a Fox 34 Talas CTD from 2014 at £416. Seems good value and is adj travel – the adj Pike is £516, so tempted to save £50 and go for a fixed height fork. Limited reviews of the Fox, but presume general consensus is a 2016 Pike is a better option.

    Paul at Cotic said Pike would be a good all round fork.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Pike is the obvious choice yeah. Do X Fusion make anything that would fit?

    Are you sure you wanna go 160mm travel? I tried a Fox 36 Talas on a Bfe once and thought it was much better at 130mm than 160mm. Maybe 140mm would be optimum?


    The Pike is an excellent fork.

    Totally different option:
    Downhill fork Suntour DUROLUX. 35 mm stanchions. 160 mm travel.

    The Durolux for 26 inch wheels might be really, really low priced right now.
    Example: SF12 DUROLUX TA RC2 20QLC DS 26
    Travel adjust 120 – 160 mm
    roughly 240 Euros in blow out sale?

    But it’s not a real “trail fork”. The fork is being used for bikes like the Dartmoor Hornet and similar.


    Thanks Andreas. Will look. Got very good reviews online.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    It is pretty hard to go wrong with a Pike if it’s in range.

    I’d have a good think about whether you still need travel adjustments. At usual prices it adds around £100 to the fork, and negatively affects fork performance. I know when I had Talas 36’s they almost always lived in the middle position, and honestly whenever I did fiddle it was more because I could and I’d remembered than because I needed to.

    Premier Icon Rubber Duck

    I see you wish to buy new but I run a set of 26″ Lyriks, Solo Air(originally 160mm travel) set at 150mm on my 26″ Bfe and it suits it very well and the bike gets well used for everything. Its a very confidence inspiring combination and very durable. Its a solution you could experiment with quite cheaply.


    I know you won’t listen. But assuming they are 15mm thru axle just leave the Revs at 120mm. instantly stiffer and suit the bike’s geometry better.
    You might want to stick a spacer under your stem if doing so though. Which may or may not satisfy the consumerist motivation for the “upgrade” 😉

    Premier Icon kayla1

    Duroluxes are great. I’ve had a couple of sets and have now got 130mm Aurons on my BFe (26″ wheels). OH has Duroluxes on his FS bike. They’re weighty, like around 2200g or so, but they’ll still be around with the cockroaches after the bombs drop. 20mm axle too, which is nice.

    +1 on Gwurk’s post as well- they do work better with shorter forks, I think. YMMV of course, the world’d be a dull old place if we were all the same 🙂


    Gwurk – thanks. I am half wondering if that is the best, or at least most sensible option. On and off I do drop it down to 120mm for general local faffing around. It is 15mm QR maxle thing, so never going to be as stiff as a 20mm axle. I also get the point reference forgetting it is locked out/lowered etc half way down a descent. I still have a few spacers under the stem already.

    I don’t mind having the longer fork and higher front though – don’t find it a problem but I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


    example offer for downhill fork Durolux (new, but model year 2012):

    299 Euros
    When searching in google, one idea to get good results:
    add “SF12” (or similar)
    That’s the model year. A Durolux SF12 was built from 2012 on and there are crazy good offers right now!
    The newest Durolux versions are SF16 (2016) I think. The newest Auron SF18 (brand new).
    But really interesting are the “new” 26 inch “old model” forks.
    Below 300 bucks is a good price for a new (old model SF 12) downhill fork.
    The newer model SF16 for 26 inch wheels are quite expensive still. Guess over 500 bucks.

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