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    20mm’s a universal standard, there’s no competing lengths (or at least, if there are then they’re very rare)… so if theirs doesn’t fit then they’ve made it wrong but I suspect there’s something else going on.

    You’re right. I’ve got 140mm travel 29er forks (or shoud have). According to the SRAM website the 29ers have a 20mm x 110mm Maxel. But mine appear to have a 15mm x 100mm Maxel. I’m confused now!

    My new bike has Rockshox Revelations with a 20mm Maxel Lite. Fork Up don’t seem to do an adapter for them -they’re 20mm fork up adapter is too wide at 110mm. Anyone know if there is an alternative product? If not I can cut the Fork Upbdown to size. Cheers.

    Ok, I’m supposed to have Revelations RL Solo Air 140mm travel 29er forks. According to the RockShox side the 29er RL’s only come with a 20mm Maxel, but mine have a 15mm Maxel. Can anyone confirm if the 29er forks come with 15mm Maxel option or maybe I have the 2012 model? Is there any part number on the fork I can confirm the model I have?


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I’ve seen plenty of 15mm fork things around, might have to change supplier. If it came on a bike then it could be OEM so not related to anything on the aftermarket site. If it’s 15mm wide it’s 15mm basically. The hub width is standard

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Most Rockshox OEM is 15mm now- inevitably the pointless middle-of-the-road all-the-drawbacks-half-the-benefits option won the standards war 🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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