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    My pair of rock shox revs have had a patch of the anodised (is that what it is, I have never been sure?) stanchion coating worn off during transit. About a 4mm*10mm patch near the crown. It is slightly rough but I don’t think there is a big depression/hole. Is the best thing just to smooth it down with some ultra fine abrasive paper and leave it? Or is it going to cause some damage or undue wear of the fork. They are air forks if the at matters.


    Smooth it down and ride it. If you start seeing oil leaking from around the seal then you need a new stantion and seal kit, if you don’t it should be fine.

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    if it’s up the top you may be all right. i think if it’s the LH leg you need to keep an eye on the rate of air loss, and if the right look for oil being left behind on the stanchion.
    i will feel your pain if you have to replace them. i’ve just been looking and you can’t find pre 09 revs for love nor money ( well, less than 300 quid anyway 😯 ).

    If its near the crown, its only deep compressions that will make the seal encounter it. Do what rj says.


    Smooth it down and put some clear nail varnish over it then smooth down with the finest paper you can find.


    I bought some pikes from a fella on here. They had an impact depression about 1 inch from the crown (RHL). Fortunately the seals don’t wash over the dent so all’s good in the hood. I’d like to think that the dent adds character.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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