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    1) yes

    2) it depends on the trail. For example, on a big jump you want it to rebound slower so that once you’ve landed off a big huck, the fork doesn’t fire the bike back at you. However if you are banging down a root ridden slope you want it fairly fast so it returns after every root, not just getting further and further into its travel as it fails to extend befor it hits the next root – known as “packing down”

    If your course has both you want to set it either midway or at what you consider to be the best compromise.

    + is slower – is faster

    Bit of a newbie question, on my forks theres rebound with + & -, im assuming towards plus makes the fork rebound to normal quicker? Whats best for downhill trails and best for jumps?

    Thanks guys, will keep tinkering with it! I dont really notice a huge difference but as im riding more and more im guessing ill get to notice small changes!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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