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  • Premier Icon Onzadog

    All fork oil is bike specific isn’t it. Only bikes have forks. I normally US motorcycle fork oil though as that’s all mountain bike companies use.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Four coil?


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    normally from my local motorbike shop, though last lot was fox as I was doing it in the LBS


    Anyone using non bike specific stuff? ie from Halfords?


    Some motor bike fork oil has seal swelling agents to improve longevity of the seals and to stop leaking. The extra friction this causes is over come by the weight of the bike and rider so no not all fork oill is both suited for motorcycles and push bikes.

    What brand of fork is it someone here may have a good oil to recomend which has worked well.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Use high quality, fully synthetic fork oil, not the cheaper mineral or semi synth with the seal swelling agents in.

    Can usually buy a litre of good quality oil from a known brand for under £10 online or from an MX shop.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I use Silkolene mostly, as it’s a pretty colour, but supposedly it’s a fairly swell-ey oil. Not aware that it’s ever caused me any problems tbh. Got some Castrol and PJ1 as well.

    oh and currently my forks all have diesel engine oil in the lowers as I ran out of fork oil.

    I used to use Silkolene in my forks. Really good stuff. It seems to be quite expensive now so I’ve started using Stendec, which is cheaper and appears to be UK brand. Only used it a few months but had no problems in my RS to date.


    +1 for Silkolene. I like to mix the different weights together and pretend I’m ‘tuning’ my damping 🙂

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Silkolene is good and consistant in a cartridge but it isn’t the most slippery out there. The fox (rebadged torco) oil is much more slippery.


    Castrol Synthetic, easily available (Halfords or Amazon), cheap, and made by a world leading lubrication company.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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