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  • Fork downgrade – poss moon on a stick content
  • Aren’t Revs meant to be one of the stiff ones?

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    Minutes even with the 20mm axle are not all that stiff – (I’m comparing to a RS Tora QR version and a Marz MX Comp QR.)

    The Nixons with a 20mm are very stiff but bob alot without a lockout.


    No experience but X-Fusion Slant seems ‘generally’ to fit your bill.
    Ok it got a 15mm axle but can be set to 120/140/160mm
    bugger you want coil

    nmdbasetherevenge, Rev’s are supposedly stiffer than 32 Fox, 34mm is apparently the way to go for stiffness, but then you get very very close to 36’s weight


    What kind of weight are you willing to lug around?


    Morning folks. Have had two sets of Revs – Team/Race/QR/20mm/straight/tapered – and I’m not fond of either of them. The suspension action is great but I find them too flexible.

    Sooooooo without spending even more money on some lowered Lyriks/Fox 36s etc I’m looking for a SUPER STIFF basic 130-140 mm coil fork with a 20mm Maxle and (ideally) a tapered steerer. No requirement for lockout/motion control/travel adjust or anything like that. Some original Pikes or even my old Recon 351s would be ideal but I’d like to buy new.

    Have looked at some offerings from Manitou & Marzocchi that might fit the bill but I’ve no experience of them. Any advice or recommendations would be welcome cheers


    i’m running a pair of marzocchi 55cr forks…they come with 170mm but can be lowered to 150mm…super stiff with 35mm stanchions and a qr20mm axle…i’m on my 8th pair of marzocchi forks and have to say that i’ve never had any issues with any marzocchi fork…they also come with marzocchi’s 3 no service warranty. they weigh a bit more than the competition but by not much and you do get that legendary marzocchi reliability

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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