Fork/Disc brake rating

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  • Fork/Disc brake rating
  • jayx2a

    I was choosing a new front disc but was mentioned that forks have a max size rotor they are rated to be able to use without any issues with flutter or twist.

    I cant find this info anywhere for mine!

    Fox Rhythm 34 Float, GRIP adjustable damper, E2 tapered steerer, G2 Geometry w/51 mm offset, Boost110, 130 mm travel

    Tried looking at the FOX site but couldnt really find anything relevant!

    I’m on 180mm (the forks have 160mm + adaptor), but was looking at 203mm, but don’t want to get any negative effects!

    Premier Icon orangespyderman

    I seem to recall the I noticed the Fox website states 180mm max on the Fox 34s that were supplied OEM on my Jeffsy. The bike was supplied, again OEM, with 200mm front rotor…

    I wouldn’t worry too much.


    Just checked the above and it says on FOX website:

    Maximum brake rotor diameter for all FOX forks except Step Cast 27.5in is 203mm. Step Cast 27.5in forks have a maximum rotor diameter of 180mm.

    Premier Icon timoth27

    That’s interesting what’s yours?

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