Fork Decisions – fresh/repair?

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  • Fork Decisions – fresh/repair?
  • skybluestu

    Bike: 2010 Pitch Pro – Large
    Fork: Pike 351 Solo Air 2010 for Secialized. 140mm. 205mm steerer.
    Last ride forks lost 85 PSI very quickly. Stayed at 50 PSI which was useless but rideable for the day just.
    I have a decision to make as I suspect that i need them serviceing as only a seal i imagine would have caused such a rapid pressure loss?
    1. Spend £130 all in to get them serviced.
    2. Look for suitable 140mm/150mm second hand replacement that would be lighter.

    Cant afford a new frame at this time so going for fresh set up is most likely out given smallish budget.

    Would welcome thoughts on what people would do?


    Premier Icon JAG

    Other than this – do you like this fork? does it work well on this frame?

    If you answered YES to either question – get them serviced and enjoy riding your bike 😀


    Good point and thought of as well. Ive had no problems with it up until now however it is 6 years old now and not the lightest out there. Thinking if I went for a Rev I could save myself around a 1lb in weight almost which would lighten the front end considerably.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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