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  • Shergie

    Now there’s a mouthful!
    Suffering from massive brake judder on the front of my Tri-Cross and been told that specialized do a crown mounted brake hanger to eliminate this, can i find one? Can i flip…
    Does anyone know where i can get one of these mythical beasts or if there is something else that will do the same job?


    Yes, the canti hanger on the Tricross is a specific part designed for that particular fork. The reason it’s like that is the L bend section hooks under the crown to prevent the hanger rotating when the brakes are applied. Pain in the arse for fitting mudguards.

    A Specialized dealer might be able to grab a part number and get it ordered for you.

    Alternatively you might be able to use a generic one, but check that the crown will accept it – I seem to recall it being a little odd in some way but can’t remember how.

    Edit – Short-arm V brakes would be another way round.

    Premier Icon ctznsmith

    I have used the generic one but front of tricross forks is flat, and the generic is designed for curved crown. I had to use a longer bolt I think with a ‘top hat’ allen key head (like you get on caliper brakes). Also when I stripped the bike recently a big bit of paint fell off the forks where the curve had pressed into it, going to file it flat before I refit.

    I got mine here becuase erm it’s my work.


    Going on the basis that yours is a thole £12.50 cheaper than anything else i’ve found that sounds like a plan to me, i’ve been told specialized have discontinued theirs…


    Well it was before the £4 postage, if only i still lived in bristol hmmmmmm…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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