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  • Fork choice – 2014 Revelation vs 2013 Fox 32 TALAS
  • wl

    Not sure but aren’t Talas generally reckoned to be less reliable and with poorer performance? I run Black Box Revs and they’re ace. Might be irrelevant but I noticed on here that the Loco folk tend to run Rockshox up front, Fox on the back.


    I have 2012 Revelations dual air 140mm with 15mm bolt through with the adjustable travel, not sure on model.

    Having tried a friends identical travel Fox 32’s with CTD evo’s and bolt through, the Rev’s are stiffer, more progressive and stand up under braking etc so much better. We are similar weight as well & ride same trails so setup is not dissimilar…

    The fox do feel more plush if that makes sense but the Rev’s are greater all rounders, but the Fox alot more sexy to look at.



    Just looking at a new build list and wanted to guage STW’ers thoughts on the following 2 forks (ridiculously long names on these!):

    – 2014 Rockshox Revelation World Cup Solo Air Dual Position 15mm (150mm-120mm)
    – 2013 Fox 32 TALAS FIT CTD Kashima QR15 (150mm-120mm)

    Having looked at both there’s really not much in it…?

    I’ve got a set of 2013 Fox 32 F120 FIT CTD Kashima on a bike of mine and think they’re a fab set of forks (I haven’t really noticed the ’13 CTD brake dive being an issue). Don’t have any experience of Rockshox Revelations though so keen to hear from anyone with a comparison.

    Are Fox TALAS a closer match performance wise to Floats these days or do they still suffer from worse small bump sensivity?



    I’ve never really got on with my 32 Talas 140mm. I’ve found I never drop the fork to 110 mm (mainly because the bike – orange 5 – feels like a plough at 110mm). I blew the seals a year ago ( ragged in the Alps) and this weekend after some heavy riding in Lakes & 7 Stanes they’ve locked up: no low speed compression. I’ll get them serviced and stick them on my HT and replace them with a set of 150mm Pikes. ( fox would advise more frequent servicing). Mate I ride with had taken his Talas off the bike that weekend because they’d packed up: he’s flogging his.

    b r

    Bought a pair of Revs off Merlin a couple of weeks ago. £320, and 2014’s with black stanctions turn up 🙂

    Stiff, light and work well – what more is there to know.

    + 1 for Revs.

    Been using Fox for years before switching to RS at the start of the year.

    RS feel & stiffness – far superior imo.

    The 2014 ‘murdered out’ ones do look nice……


    service intervals on fox are ridiculously short.

    +1 for Revs.

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