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    I e-mailed my MP Guy Opperman (Cons – Hexham) along with 300 others. He spoke in the house expressing reservations about the plans (biodiversity and access in particular) then hid from the whips and abstained. I’m not sure that not voting isn’t the best I can expect from a new boy in the Commons.
    Apparently the National Trust have told the government not to sell the ancient woodland in Kielder and they’ve caved in. Parts was already under offer – so the equivalent acreage is being sold elsewhere! So the sell off is already happening as are huge job losses at the FC in Northumberland.
    I will be registering my views here :

    My point is that we should stick to the forestry argument and put forward related arguments that are based in fact if we are to be taken seriously. Dragging in unrelated arguments not based in fact is a certain way to get ignored.

    Point taken and apologies. I’m struggling to control my seething. 😉

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    Cheers Pimpy, apologies too if I was a bit snotty. Hnadbags down! Gosh this is turning into a love-in!

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    Anyone doing this? We are driving up on Saturday so might not make it on time for the ride but will be attending the demo on bikes at 1

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    At PMQ’s today Mr Cameron seems to have killed the sell-off. The environment secretary looked a little unhappy.
    Important bit is at 12:14

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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