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  • Premier Icon bratty

    Where are the best trails here? I would ideally like flowing single track, and am not afraid of climbs… any tips / resources?

    Premier Icon danofthedean

    Controversial perhaps but get away from the main cycle area and explore other areas. If you’ve not done the verderers or Freeminers trails they are well worth doing and the Enduro course is fun but for me its not quite the same as riding single track somewhere quiet.
    Hard to give specific places as the Forest can be quite bitty but get the local OS map and go exploring, you cant go to far wrong once you’ve sussed the contours. some of the best bits are around the edges of the forest, not the center so consider starting at Parkend and heading east or west (not up the main cycle path) or Cinderford north and west. Staunton to Symonds Yat can be good but busy at weekends. Watch out for horses and walkers and be sensible if its muddy on the paths. If you meet boar just leave them alone.
    Considered supporting the local economy? Talk to the staff in the cafes and LBS or even hire a local guide if theres a few of you to cover it. If you need help on the trail most of us are pretty friendly and happy to chat.
    Hope thats helpful, enjoy the woods……

    Premier Icon bratty

    Cheers for that…. exploring it is i guess.

    speaking of boar, the last time i went, i got stared-out by mummy who had her 3 little ones on the trail by a gate…. i stayed put, and then she walked towards me. the was ok but then daddy popped out a bush about 15ft away and closing. i have to say, i got some sprint training in pretty sharpish 🙂


    I rode in the Forest quite recently on a retro ride. We started at the cycle centre at Peddleabikeaway and headed onto the Verderers trail for a short while, and then went off exploring.

    We had a really excellent couple of hours and only saw one other bike and two dog walkers the whole time.

    I can put you in touch with our guide for the day and I’m sure dan has a few contact too.

    Great place to ride and very hard to get completely lost, as there are trails and road all over.

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