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    Is it worth the trip?

    Going to be staying very close to there soon and thinking of taking the bikes down. T’other half is a beginner though did okay at Cannock last time we got out doon sooth.


    Depends on you and your trip.

    Do a search on here.

    Google for the trail center based there.

    But at the moment its wetter than an Otters pocket.


    Great place for beginners. No nasty climbs, nothing technical in the descents. Was riding well on Saturday, couple of puddles at the start and end but other than that, it was fine. Short enough to do a couple of laps as well, gives newbies the opportunity to learn a bit from the first time around.


    If your asking about weather/conditions see these two:

    Forest of Dean

    F.O.D. FlyUp

    Yep, if you’re nearby it’s certainly worth a trip. Nice, natural feeling loops with enough playground stuff for the fun and games.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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