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  • richietea

    Fancy going to forest of dean this Saturday what are the conditions like and is it worth going?

    Water runs off quite well from the Vereders, Freeminers was very muddy a week ago, boggy patches in front of table tops meant I didn’t hit them at full speed, muddy climbs were fun.

    DH runs were getting used so couldn’t have been bad.

    We are due a lot more rain this week, so if I go this weekend It’ll be on the rigid SS.

    Sorry, missed the second question on whether it’s worth the trip.

    For me it’s 30 mins away so it’s always worth it.

    I’ve travelled over 2 hours for a days riding in crap weather and still thought is was worth it, so yeah, do it.


    Thanks for reply,just what I wanted to know.If weather is not to bad I will go,saw clips on YouTube looks good.


    It looks good, but not in the wet. It will take some time to dry out. Id not drive more than 30 mins for it at the moment.


    I’ll be going on Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, it’ll be muddy but there is a jet wash and I’ll have a shower after.

    Get out on your bike!

    It is a mud bath went down there Sunday to watch the Mini/downhill very few people about other than the racers.But where isnt crap at present in this country!!!!!!.last week of Nov and 1st weekend of Dec last year was very dry down there was great.Yuk now.Mind Danny Hart made it look dry and effortless 😀


    The Downhill trails are holding up well. The verderers has puddles ,but not much in the way of mud. Freeminers has boggy parts on new sections, especially in front of first table top.


    I was there on Friday and the Verderers wasnt too bad at all considering all the rain. I travelled 82 miles to get there. It was worth it.

    I am talking about the natural stuff which is muddy out towards the Dowies/Pudds etc.The verderers doesnt get muddy.


    wetter than a cucumber in a womens prison


    I was also there last Friday, the flapjack was splendid. End of Verdererererererererers has some big sandy puddles and there’s a small diversion – a wee greasy climb on mud. So all good. Off the manmade stuff is saturated hogwallow.


    Was there last weekend.

    Berms of Ski Run are still mush. Last bit of Corkscrew is very beaten up and messy. Flatland was mush. Didn’t try Endo this time as it was pure mulch last time I went back in December. Didn’t try Mr Rooty but I thought that was OK when Endo was atrocious. Some of the holes leading into the jumps on the top section have had some superficial work to them.

    All in all it’s fine, even if it was chucking it down. Sheepskull, GBU and corkscrew are probably holding up the best.


    I did a quick write up last Fri on this thread:

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