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    +1 i saw a ceremony by lake garda weddings which looked really nice

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    We got married last year in the Canadian Rockies on a lake shore in Banff it was brilliant.

    we used rocky mountain weddings (Lauren was brilliant) They sorted everything. We booked our flights direct and after deciding on which hotel in Banff we liked (buffalo mountain lodge) we phoned then and again booked direct and got a good deal. We stayed and had our honeymoon all in one.

    it was the a brilliant experience and would say do it, we took our parents and everyone else came to a party when we got back. Also it was actually much cheaper for an unforgettable day!

    I shot my mate’s wedding in Cortona, Tuscany – small wedding of about 20 guests. Was a fantastic day.
    Cortona wedding


    brother was married in thailand…freaking mint it was.
    his lass even does a wedding blog web2.0 type thing

    their wedding is on there but the only picture of me is bloody tiny….strange that!!!!


    Well we’ve finally decided that no matter the fall out of in laws we arent getting married in this country. We dont really want the whole ‘get married in secret and have a ceremony’ affair, want it done properly and right just once, so are looking for experiences of otherwise. We would really love to get married up high in the alps but we know in France you have to be a resident of the country so Im now wondering about the other countries that join into the alps. I did suggest Las Vegas but thats a bit of a cheating idea really….

    Has anybody either been to or had a wedding somewhere a bit different? Hasnt gotta be anything big, really intimate best, I’d be surprised if we even have ten guests as we’d much rather it that way. Its for us, not other people.


    We got married at a little place called Edgewater Lodge just outside Whistler.
    Canada makes the whole wedding process very simple – no silly rules about having to be resident for x number of days before the ceremony or anything and very reasonable charges for everything. I organised it all myself it was that easy.

    Just the two of us, sister and brother-in-law, photographer and wedding commisioner, beside a frozen lake with a backdrop of snow covered mountains. Perfect – much less fuss and cheaper than doing the whole shebang over here.

    We got married in the Highlands. Just the two of us by Loch Maree. For us it was perfect.

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    Ours was in NZ, although all of her family is there and my (much smaller) immediate family went out for it so no hassles there.

    The nice thing there is that you can have your wedding anywhere you like as long as a registered celebrant does it (and there’s very little that’s a legal requirement in the ceremony), it’s not tied to venues as it is here.

    I was marrying a NZ citizen, but afaik there’s no problem with non-citizens/residents getting married there. The marriage is properly recognised in the UK too, no need to do a separate registry office one when you get back.


    The island of Kauai.
    That good I may do it again. 😀

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    A mate got married in Athens (his wife is Greek) bunch of us went (mostly 20 somethings) and treated it like a holiday.

    Be mindful that people may not come and some people you might want there will not be able to afford to come.


    Got married in Cyprus. The wife is of Cypriot background and we had a full on Greek wedding. Wife had grands and grands of money pinned on her. I only had a handful of people there whilst she had hundreds. It was a fantastic day, on a clifftop overlooking the sea, Greek music and food. I’d have probably enjoyed it more if it wasn’t my wedding though.

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    Got married in Hong Kong, simple registration and then off to a reception. We were lucky we could do that due to the feng shui, sometimes you have the registry bit and then have to wait for an appropriate time to have the reception.
    Did my vows in Cantonese (wife is a local) and went through all the traditional customs such as the tea sipping ceremony and collecting the red pocket money from guests, managed to lever in one UK tradition by getting absolutely smashed at the end!
    Due to the Icelandic volcano none of my UK family or guests could get there (this was two days after) and for me to get there did involve some expensive logistics as I flew the same day as the volcano struck, this kind of made it even more memorable.


    Friends got married in Murren, which is in the Swiss alps on the opposite side of the valley from the Eiger. Stunning place, accessible by cable car, only taxis allowed in the village (think all electric too).

    Can’t imagine it was cheap but it was a beautiful place.

    Amalfi Coast, Italy.


    Getting married in a Chalet in Samoens in just over a week! 😀


    I did the deed in Aruba, only 16 there but everyone had a cracking tan for the photos 😀 .
    Simple enough got married in the town hall and had a ‘ceremony’ thing on beach

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    went to one in amalfi. it was a fair pita for everyone else and ridiculously expensive. don’t be suprised if some family don’t come because of the cost. simple things like it being in term time or not would swing if for most.


    You must be able to do it in some fabulous Greek or Spanish small town square marble church/town hall and then slope off to a hillside restaurant for about 30 euro a head now, no? I saw some magical venues in Crostia and Slovenia too.


    It’s not the where, it’s the who
    Be careful not to exclude people because you want to get married abroad, weddings aren’t about you, despite what you think
    Italy though top choice if you can pull it off


    Not bothered about who will or wont make it really, we know each other can make it and thats all that matters to us. We can both count our friends on one hand and dont want to invite people who never see us anyway.

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    Ooh, can I vote for frozen Canadian lake? Then we can make you a knitted woollen dress…. 😀


    Me and my fiancée are having a Disney Cruise Wedding and getting married on Disney’s privately owned island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. I think i’m just about coming to terms with people not being able to come but we plan to have a party over here for those guys when we get back.

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    Just to give the other side of this – my brother is planning to get married in the Alps next year. It currently looks like neither I or my family will be able to go. Got to admit I’m gutted as we are close and our children love him and his intended…

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    I was in Poland two weeks ago for the GF’s brothers wedding (Polish bride) and it was fantastic. Not a place I normally would’ve thought to visit but I’m glad we did. The kids loved it and our 2 1/2 year old kept everyone entertained.
    Plenty of funny looks from the locals though, youd’ve thought they’d never seen anybody in a kilt before 😀

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