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  • Foreign guy can't ride up a hill video. MTB Rage.
  • Premier Icon seosamh77

    I think “what a tadger” is the correct term here.


    Can we all have a whip round to enter him as a solo at mayhem 🙂


    There is no situation or issue that would ever cause me to throw my bike like that, what an idiot. He could easily rip the mech off on a branch or ding the wheel or frame and then he’d be cursing even more, dick!

    Premier Icon nickc

    I lasted all of 2 mins of swearing shouty man, did he ever make it to the top?

    Premier Icon molgrips


    I can actually idenfity with him quite stronly, but I’m far too self-aware to get that bad, definitely not when I’m with anyone and DEFINITELY not when I’m being filmed.

    I know how he feels though.. when your life feels like shit and it buggers up the stuff you should be enjoying.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    I am usually like this by 10.30 am every day at work.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Never mind the shouty bloke, how long does it take the cameraman to get his breath back?

    Puff, pant, puff, pant, puff, pant…


    I’m not a qualified gynecologist but it looks like he may have sand in his vagina.

    funny clip,

    I think we’ve all been there a little bit in our heads

    At the risk of spoiling the joke, irrational aggressive behaviour = low blood sugar? I once threw a $5K Litespeed into a gully and walked out of the woods, seemed like a totally rational thing to do at the time. Half an hour later, after eating, it seemed bloody stupid. And yes I retrieved it!

    Jekkyl, not sure he’s thinking rationally?

    Molgrips, echoes my other thoughts, that he’s gone out on the bike to try unwind from various other stresses and pressures and its backfired.

    Still funny to watch though!


    Riding never gets me like that but there are a few boulder problems I’d have gladly taken a sledge hammer to after working them for hours.

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot

    poor chap. It’s not clear that the first attempt on the video is his first attempt on the hill so maybe he felt defeated by the time we see him. Still, a bit of an overreaction. Chucking your bike around can sometimes end up in a bent mech hanger. Even more annoying than being defeated by a beautiful-looking woodland track.


    I once threw my bike in utter frustration on a night ride that was beyond my capabilities: steep, boggy, rutted, rocks hidden in the grass, getting left behind in the dark. Theore frustrated I became, the more my skills deteriorated, and to add insult to injury, I was covered in midge bites. After about the 4th time of falling off, I burst into tears and flung my bike into the heather!

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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