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  • Ford Focus RS
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    SIERRA RS500

    My old man borrowed one for a while when his ur Quattro was having some *work* done (after he’d stacked it). V fast, as I remember, but (whale) tail happy!


    There seems to be some overlap here between the RS model from the previous Focus and the model about to be launched now. (press event is ongoing in the South of France currently)…

    The sound of the 5 cylinder engine in the new model is great too. Not quite orginal Audi Quattro but in the ball-park.

    Granted the aforementioned Golf has 4wd which can be handy at times but in pure speed versus cost the new Focus is going to be fantastic.

    over 300hp and of course a lot less drivetrain losses than a 4wd car……
    Full dealer support & warranty unlike some cheapo imported Impreza or Lancer Evo.
    For the money this is going to be a rocket 😀


    “CaptainMainwaring – Member
    I would beg to argue that the R32 is powerful but is not a cockmobile. But then I am biased. A reasonably specced manual R32 MK V was about £25k. For the R20 with DSG, recaros etc definitely be hitting £30K.”

    I think you’re right, but give or take that’s what an R32’s cost over the last couple of years. It’s only now that road tax and fuel have gone up, as well an impending new model, that there are some cracking deals to be had.

    The R20T should be on a par with the FRS’s performance, and significantly faster then the outgoing model, as it just isn’t powerful enough for the extra weight over a GTI.

    Sorry, back to the Focus!


    Do like the new RS though:


    Whatabout one of these. Faster 0-6 than a Lambo, pleanty of room in the back for a bike, and would take you to any bit if single track lol.
    (I navigate in this car, trust me its fast as ****!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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