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  • Ford Focus help !
  • Premier Icon richieokeefe1
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    Have a 08 focus cdti and it keeps cutting out while driving , loose power and power steering . It seems to do it when giving it a few revs . Any ideas guys ?

    Many thanks

    Premier Icon olly2097
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    Glow plug light flash?

    Crank position sensor. Cheap fix.

    Premier Icon Thrustyjust
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    Sadly could be lots of things. Get any codes read to give you a fighting chance. Diesel filter, pump, electrical, crank sensors , egr etc.

    Premier Icon richieokeefe1
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    Could be anything like you say . Looks like a trip to the garage 🙁

    Premier Icon Scienceofficer
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    Mine was the speedo head. It went through three garages until me and an auto electrician diagnosed it.

    Premier Icon benji
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    Just had one in this week, doing similar, the big giveaway was the speedometer dropping out, then it would shortly cut out, this was on a 51 plate, replaced speed sensor in the box and all was well.

    TDC sensor doesn’t usually give codes, seen this alot on mondeos and transits.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Olly’s described what I had- flashing glow plug light, also tach needle stayed in the position it was in when it cut out. Mostly happened under power so that fits too. Mine was a TDDI so not identical but a lot of the issues are shared. That was crank sensor, a very easy and cheap fix

    Whereabouts are you? If you’re Edinburgh-ish I’ve got a fault code reader that’ll fit your car…

    (If you’re halfway skilled and own a laptop (or a really long USB lead!) it’s a really good idea to get yourself a fault reader- the fsuper software and USB lead is superb, means you can read the codes yourself which can save a lot of hassle. Mine’s saved me hundreds of quid)

    (Or, sometimes, it will tell you nothing useful at all- mine throws codes for “You’ve blanked off the EGR valve you bounder” but never gave me a code for “The turbo just exploded”, “The number 3 injector just completely filled its piston with diesel” or “The MAF sensor is senile”)

    Actually I just picked up a wee bluetooth OBD transmitter which works with an android app called Torque- I haven’t used it yet but it’s cute and is supposed to be decent as a code reader. Very cheap.

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