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  • lank45

    So the time has come where I’m no longer using the car, and the motorbike is getting a lot more use! It’s time for myself and my car to part company for a better life for us both

    Ok, so it is a 2 door Ford Fiesta which I’ve used to chuck the bike in for 3 years and it has been bullet proof, details as follows:
    Year: 2000
    Colour: Silver
    Fuel Type: Petrol
    Engine Size: 1242cc
    Mileage: Need to check but I think it is around 90,000
    Tax: Expires 31st December 2012 12 month renewal is £135.00
    MOT: Expires in June

    Good points:
    It had a new tyre on the last MOT, since owning it I’ve put on a new exhaust and had a number of services complete, last one was at the last MOT in June 2012. It runs well, goes and stops and would do for a first car or cheap runabout as it’s cheap to insure and does great MPG.

    Bad Points:
    The car has a small leak in the passenger foot well, this means, with the rain we’ve had the car is damp inside, nothing one of you mechanics couldn’t sort but I really couldn’t be bothered with it, it’s left a bit of mould about the passenger seat. The car needs a good wash and clean, as I’ve not bothered! One of the front fog lights is missing, I put my foot through it one night pissed and had to remove it for the MOT, the other one is great though. It could do with a rear wiper too as it’s shot. The driver door is missing the trim, but this is great as it stops people parking next to you due

    The car is currently SORNed as of today, and will need collecting from Belper (DE56). It could be driven away easily and comes with half a tank of juice.

    I’m after £350 but open to offers as I’d like it gone asap.

    Oh and if you are a farmer, the car is perfect for you as the reg is V388 EEF (or V38 8EEF if you squint). I’ve had a look and the reg V88 EEF is for sale for £1795, you can have this reg for only £350, with a hunk of metal to scrap!

    If anyone would like more photos or to come for a look-see let me know.

    IMG_1794 by helliwell_b, on Flickr

    IMG_1793 by helliwell_b, on Flickr

    IMG_1792 by helliwell_b, on Flickr

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    IMG_1778 by [url=http://

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