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  • For the love of god pick me some decent hair clippers!!
  • Premier Icon wrightyson
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    I buy more hair clippers than I should, none seem to do the trick! I’m a bit of a wookie and need to keep the chest wig down to a decent length. Whenever I attempt this chore I end up looking like I’ve got alopecia!

    Also use it to take face fuzz back to stubble as I never clean shave, (scruffy arse builder).

    Any recommendations?

    Premier Icon hodgynd
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    Buy a set thats going to last ..missus is a hairdresser and in the 20 years we have been together she has only had two clippers 1× corded set and a cordless set ( last year ) from WAHL ..

    Expensive ..yeah ..but you get what you pay for ..

    Edit : how you can stand trimming chest hair is beyond me ..I’m also gorilla like and can’t stand any material against my chest if I trim it back ..

    I’ve only done this twice ..the second time just to confirm if I’d got it wrong the first time !😁

    Premier Icon gobuchul
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    I have had a set of Wahl professional clippers for years, bought them from one of those hairdresser supply shops.

    Recently got a cordless Remington set and it’s very good.

    Premier Icon Mugboo
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    Wahl Supertaper for heads, Wahl detailer for your other bits.

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    That Remington one is specific for head hair really and that’s where I think the problem arises. We’re talking the need for strimmer ability here. 😂

    Premier Icon tuttonp
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    Wahl Super Taper (mains or cordless)

    I’m selling a nice Wahl Bellina Cordless if you’re interested 🙂

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Cordless, so you can do it in the shower (before actually turning on shower)

    Chest hair here too, and boaby n baws, armpits anaw. Not completely bald, just trim. Less sweaty, and only wimmin in the 80s liked the Tom Selleck look.

    Premier Icon grarea
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    Wahl here too.

    Had them for years.

    Oil them every time. You can adjust the blades (or something) you can buy replacement blades.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Oil them every time

    What kind of oil? I used to use a dot of olive oil but is there a better type?

    Premier Icon scaled
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    I knacker clippers as well. Using hair clippers on face or body hair just ruins the edge.

    Current weapon of choice from head to toe is a Phillips beard trimmer thing. It’s not as fast to do my head as the clippers were when they were new, but sod it, one tool to do two/three jobs is a winner for me.

    Premier Icon tails
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    I’m similar to you been through various Wahl from the home kit, detailers (good but not strong enough for think hair), sterling 2 (good for tidying up as they aren’t too sharp).

    This summer I got some cordless magic clip by wahl. Takes your stumble back in about a minute or 2, gets through body hair quickly although a bit baulky to shave down there. 1 charge lasts for ages, just keep them oiled and cleaned after every use. They are similar to super taper with a special blade.

    Premier Icon rene59
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    I’ve had the previous 2 version of these and both were great, left the first one in a holiday let and have had the second one for over 10 years now. Highly recommended.

    You can use it without guard for a short stubble, wash it under tap/in shower if you wanted to and it never needs oiled.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Wahl here for 15 years odd.

    Currently needs some new sharper blades.

    Premier Icon onehundredthidiot
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    Wahl if the hair is ruining others then animal clippers?

    Premier Icon longdog
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    I use Wahl animal grooming clippers, can’t see any other model name on them. Much better than normal hair clippers.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    Been using Wahl Super Taper for ~10 years, grade zero every 4-6 weeks, been great.

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