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  • For anyone who rides the tracks off Totley Moor
  • swisstony

    Apologies in advance for not being more specific on location but if you don’t know where they are you may not be able to help, and i don’t want to publicise things on here, i’m sure you’ll understand.

    Anyway a group of people have put a lot of work into the tracks and word seems to be spreading throughout the community which is fine and new riders are coming to ride the tracks. This does however create an issue that the more people know about them the more they’re ridden and the more obvious they come. Great care has been taken to be as sensitive as possible when making the tracks but the bottom line is there shouldn’t be anything up there.

    This has gone to the next level know as when we were up there yesterday it was obvious that an MX bike had been up there and really ripped the track up which if this goes on it will be wrecked.

    Can i ask that those who know about the tracks keep them under their hat and be careful who they tell and also if anyone sees any motorbikes up there please take their number plates and pass them on to me, obviously do not get into a confrontation on this, though i will be if i seen them.




    You dont say if mountain bikes have the landowners permission to be on the land in the first place? If not im afraid you’re screwed as you shouldnt be there yourselves!


    no there’s no permission and as stated there shouldn’t be anything up there but it’s been done sensitivley it’s just the MX bikes i’m really bothered about.

    it may sound hypocritical as well as selfish but i just want to prevent further damage

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    tony – you need to see the old thread from manager from Sheffield Wildlife Trust – speak to him or Si at 18Bikes asap.


    matt, yes i saw that thread and yes i don’t want that bit of the moor to end up like the top of houndkirk!


    Swisstony – think you are confusing threads – the Houndkirk post was contact details (and all the usual) for reporting off roading above the Houndkirk track

    think post referred to was a request to try to reduce erosion on some areas of Blackamoor from Sheffield Wildlife Trust

    Hi Simon,

    Met you up on Totley a while back. Crying shame about the MX getting on there. If you need a small team for repairs, let me know.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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