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  • Football is driving me crazy already
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    i feel the same about clarckson but every 5 minutes theres another thread about him…..

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    I really couldn’t give a stuff about Rooney, Saurez & Bale.

    I love footy, but I whole-heartedly agree with this statement. I’m sick to death of the whole endless soap opera. Until the season kicks off properly, I’m really not interested*

    * If any of the above players transfers impacted on my fantasy football squad, that might be a different matter 😉


    On an unrelated note, doesn’t Phil Dowd look fit?

    Oh, and I live the soap opera stuff. Although it means my FF team won’t be getting picked till the 16th 8)


    I stopped reading or watching any football last year. Only when you opt out do you fully realise how much marketing and guff is behind it.

    It frees up quite a lot of time, and it’s liberating not to have to listen to or read any of the nonsense. I’d advise it.


    There is little point to this thread except I can not stand football. I enjoy playing the game with friends, although very badly but generally dislike everything to do with the viewing access, money and values associated with the game.

    I do not subscribe to Sky, I watch little TV and do my best to avoid the game but everytime I see a newspaper, watch the news, go on news websites turn on radio 5 (which I have been enjoying for the past few months) it is there.

    I really couldn’t give a stuff about Rooney, Saurez & Bale. I can probably only name another three players.

    I think I will retire to Dalton’s cave for the next nine months. That’s all

    I used to like football. Sick of the huge salaries/transfer fees, stupid player behaviour (Rooney, Suarez, Joey Barton etc) and players chucking themselves on the floor to try and get penalties/free kicks – they are mostly overpaid prima donnas now.

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    Have been season ticket holder in the past and Sky Sports subscriber, but frankly couldn’t care less now about the whole soap opera, Suarez is only the most recent installment, I turned off properly when Tevez when AWOL a few years back and Celtic players got sent bullets in the post.

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