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  • Follow the Waves to Harris!
  • Huw_IO
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    Just a wee video that we made on an adventure to the Outer Hebrides. Warning, contains helium voices…

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    Pretty brave going down those zig-zags – they felt a lot steeper and more exposed when I walked up them!

    Nice video.

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    “penalty for failure dude” :0
    love it.

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    Looks rubbish. You should move back to England like I did, the trails are way better. (Coming up to the west coast in november_, fancy some late season rad bikes?)

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    Love it. Only done the Rhenigidale loop and those zig-zags the other way round, but it’s awesome country. Nice one 🙂

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    Nice one! Ridden bits of that before.

    Bit of a lack of traipsing through bog in the video though.

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    That’s because there was zero bog schlepping! We couldn’t believe it either, but not a single snorkel was needed. Scouts promise.

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    It’s ten years since we last went to Harris, but still rates up there with the best experiences in biking I’ve had. We rode the rhenigadale loop both ways – preferred it clockwise tbh. The big loop of an clisham was great too, but best bit about Harris was just following all the wee dotted lines on the 1-25000, some fantastic trails, really, really great.

    Just a shame it’s so bloody far away.

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    Like a lot

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    Ace 🙂

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    You must have come through after me. I recognise my stone on top of the cairn on the Maraig/Laxdale leg. 🙂

    Looks like you had great weather, but it’s great in all weathers.

    (Coffin Road)

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    Was there a month ago. Bone dry!

    Awesome place, thanks for the memories.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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