Folding tyres and tubeless (homegrown)??

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  • Folding tyres and tubeless (homegrown)??
  • Is it possible to run folding tyres with the homegrown tubeless setup?

    Looking at some tyres that are folding and wanted to check?

    Had folding tyres before but with tubes and found they punctured too easily with my riding style so only really want to run them tubeless.


    (sorry is this has been asked a million times)


    yep, I’ve ran Ghetto tubeless with normal Schwalbe and Specialized folding tyres (although the spesh ones were a bastard to get started).

    Panaracers on the other hand just blew off the rim.


    I’ve had no problem with kevlar IRC or wired Tiogas. Will soon try a folding fireXC and a folding highroller. As mentioned, the only problem with thin folding tyres is they dont hold near the rim on inflation so can be hard to start without a compressor with a decent delivery rate.

    I’ve read that the slack beads on Panaracers (and they are slack) make them very difficult to ghetto.


    Turn them inside out for a day or so before hand. It helps get them to seal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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