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  • Rickos

    Plenty, but you sort of need to know where you’re going as it’s not signposted like Verderers. I often put a loop together that takes in Y2K and then down to Dowies and back. Makes it anywhere between 12 and 18 miles.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I had a great ride there last weekend. Basically I set off in the verderers direction and kept going. If I got near a road I went left…
    Found loads of nice singletrack and stayed pretty much within what is enclosed by roads.
    Loads of stuff there if you have a wander from the marked trails.

    Premier Icon mboy

    You’re best off asking a nice local, or someone with some trail knowledge, for a guide for the day. I know enough down there to put together a good 20+ mile loop, but there’s guys on here that know enough to keep you busy for days.

    When are you looking to go? If I’m free I wouldn’t mind showing you what I know.


    You fancy a meet up at FOD one day Rickos?


    Defo Chunky. Drop me a line/text, etc.


    I’ve done DH Uplifts a couple of times at FoD and fancy riding the Verderer’s Trail as I enjoyed how jumpy/swoopy and generally good fun it is.

    But, looking at the info about Verderer’s it’s only 7 miles long, which makes it hard to justify a road trip to get there/back.

    Is it possible to link Verderers with other trails at FoD to make a big loop?

    Any recommendations?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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