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  • FOD – Dowies, Shutcastle
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    I’ve never rode either of these areas, but keen to explore them. Have had a look on Strava so think I kinda know where I’m going.

    What are the ground condition like? Ridable this weekend, especially with today’s rain? Do they hold up ok or need a while after rain?

    Don’t expect dusty trails and don’t mind getting muddy but would rather avoid if they are likely to be a slop fest and cause damage.

    Also any suggestion on where best to park in this area?


    Premier Icon dobiejessmo
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    Shutcastle trails are more enclosed than Dowies so can be very muddy at times you can park at pedalway or if you want to get very close to the Dowies park across from the Pottery place they are great trails but at present they will be very muddy but what isn’t at present.You have 5n Doeies trails 3 Bluebell trails +Murdocks and 5/6 Shutcastle ones.

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    And its wet if you are thinking of the next few days. Forecast is even wetter. Just got back from a ride and even the gravel through Shutcastle is a bog. The boar are happily splashing in the brooks, and the sheep are trying to pretend that it isn’t really raining. Apart from one that is. That one was being eaten by the boar as I rode past.

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    Hi Mark,

    I’ve got a gpx file I can send over to you, showing a route from the car park, but should be able to tell where Dowies is from there. Theres a small village at the top you could park at if you just wanted to ride them. To be honest, there a few good trails from pedalabikeaway to dowies but not worth doing for the distance.

    You’re on the Bristol STW email right? Email in profile and I can send over later.

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    I was there on Tuesday and it was pretty damp but rideable; I suspect It’ll be minging today!

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    Off up the forest this afternoon. I rode Staunton on Sunday and it was lethal! Still great fun. Dowies and Shutcastle will be muddy but ride-able. Bluebells will be a bog. Murdocks drop in slope was a bit of a mess and recipe for disaster when i rode there recently.

    Definitely worth heading over there though if you dont mind a bit of sloppy fun. We ride from PABA to get some distance in.

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    Thanks for the info, all good to know.

    Sitting here looking at the rain coming down this side of the river I might give it a miss this weekend, wait for a slightly drier one, but then again……it’s only mud, and I have a shorty to try out.

    @Tom, yes on the Bristol STW email, will drop you an email for that gpx.

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