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  • Focus C-Max – any good for biking duties
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    I don’t want a van, but want something reasonably practical and car like… I quite like the idea of a used c-max, having been a passenger in one they seem very comfy. It’s the 1.6 diesel i’m thinking of, and have seen a 54 plate with reasonable miles.

    I’ve seen some pictures of the interior on the parkers website, and it looks like the back seats might be a pain in the arse for putting bikes in the back etc… do they fold flat in anyway shape or form?! Any thoughts on the car as a whole, esp. high mileage reliability?! i’ve never been a Ford fan, but I’ve driven a few now, and they seem rather better than they used to be!

    i’m googling it too, but want some actualy user (and specifally bikers!) feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon druidh
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    I was looking at one, but was partially put off by the seats….

    … and then completely put off by reliability problems I read about.

    Premier Icon I_did_dab
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    The back seats come out completely or fold up (separately) against the front seats secured by little bungee things. Take both wheels off and have had two bikes in comfortably with the seats folded. They are lovely to drive – I have the 1.9 TDCi which shifts if asked to.
    Reliable so for apart from an expensive problem with the power steering.
    Our previous Focus was great…

    Premier Icon cp
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    thanks for these so far – I_dib_dab, I thought there must be ‘some’ way of shifting the seats outta the way!

    i’m concisouly careful of lots of slagging off on the net… they’re a realtively common car, so lots about, and people are more likely to slag off than complement as usual online…

    headlight bulbs – are they really dealer replace items, or do you just need to do a bit of unbolting?!

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    Didn’t like mine for bike duties. Without taking the seats out completely (which, without a garage was a pain) it was too short even for my wee bikes.

    Nice engine, but went round corners like a double decker. The newer model might be better at that?

    Premier Icon JollyGreenGiant
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    If you can afford it,what you reaaly need is the S Max….

    Premier Icon cp
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    it was an s-max I drove today which got me thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I test drove one and eventually bought the 407 estate, I can fit the bike in it without taking wheels off, it is also comfier over long distances as the seats are great. 60mpg at motorway speed as well!

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    “Take both wheels off and have had two bikes in comfortably with the seats folded.”

    So that makes it absolutely no different to a standard Focus then, in fact I can get one of my bikes in a standard Focus with the rear wheel still on.

    A normal Focus will be cheaper, and more economical and carry exactly the same number of bikes, you just wont be paying for a higher roof line on a car.

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    I have a C-Max 1.6 TDCI Ghia,’04 plate.
    Bought it 16 months ago,58k on the clock,its now done 71k,& in that time not had a problem with it,it returns 54-58mpg on motorways,(altho have had 61 mpg on a trip from Lancashire to Keswick & back!).
    Ref headlamp bulbs,to change them its just a matter of removing a torx bolt,pushing down on a retaining clip located at the bottom of the headlamp,& it pulls straight out.Fitted a HID kit to mine,which improves the lighting 100% over the standard candles.
    Now,onto the important stuff……carrying bikes…..
    I run the car,say,95% of the time as a two seater.i.e.with all 3 rear seats removed.Its easy to do,just tilt the backrests forward,then tilt the seat assemblies forwards,flp two red levers,& remove seats.(They weigh a LOT,I was surprised at how much,why spend ยฃ100’s chipping it to improve the power?,just remove the seats to improve the power to weight ratio!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I get the bike in led down,without having to remove the wheels,but as is more often,travelling 2 up,with 2 bikes,I just remove the front wheels,& stand the bikes up.If 3 of us need carrying,i just refit one rear seat,& 3 bikes go in as before,stood up with front wheels removed,& all ride kit piled up behind the rear seat.
    Also,i’ve fitted a “hatchbag” inside the rear of the car,protects the carpets,side trim,door cards etc from muddy bikes.(Altho they had to specially order mine,as up until I ordered it,they didn’t make one to fit a C-Max that has its seats removed).
    As for driving,its v v comfortable,driving position is great,went from Lancs up to Fort Bill last May,2 up,d/h bike,x.c. bike,3 days worth of kit,tools,spares etc,just stopped once at Carlisle services,& when we arrived at Fort Bill felt as fresh as when I had got in the car back home,55mpg for the return trip.
    As you may have sussed,I like this car a LOT!


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    I have the Zetec 1.6TDCi and pretty much agree with everything Gary_C says!
    Great car. Very roomy, and very comfortable.
    Can’t go wrong!

    Premier Icon cp
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    thanks chaps – good feedback there. Will go and have a look at one this weekend I reckon. as a slight aside, if you take the seats out, do you think a six footer could kip in the back?!

    Premier Icon Gambo
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    I moved up from a c-max to an S-max. both good cars. S-max is BIG to drive around all the time, but my wife doesn’t seem too bothered. You can put two or three bikes easily in the s-max, along with one rear passenger( take the front wheels off, drop saddle, they’ll stand up. Great cars both of them. They do drive very well for what they are. HOrses for course, but if I did not have so many kids, I’d down size to a C-max again.

    Premier Icon Daffy
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    Sounds like a Toyota Corrola Verso or S-max would be better.

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