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  • Flying with an EBike?
  • johnhe
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    has anyone flown with an e-bike? From a quick google, it seems quite complicated. And perhaps actually impossible, depending on the airline.

    Any advice? The bike is a lightweight Mondraker Neat with a removable battery. I’m wondering if I need to remove the battery to fly? So how to get the battery to France?


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    You’re not allowed to fly with any battery larger than 160wh capacity, and even then the battery needs to be in hand luggage, ie with you in the plane cabin and not in hold baggage.

    That mondraker use the tq hpr 50 motor, the main battery is 360wh,so too large to take on a plane, but the range extender battery is only 160wh,so you can take the bike without the main battery, and just take the range extender in hand luggage.

    I did this with my trek fuel exe that has the same motor system as your mondraker when I went to Spain last year.

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    You can’t take the battery on a passenger plane.

    You can ship the battery by ground and take the bike on the plane. However, many airlines specifically exclude eBikes.

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    I have enough problems getting my muscle bike in the air so no chance of making that fly…an ebike would have more oomph but is heavier so absolutely no way would I be able to do that!

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    Most cycling destinations offer ebike battey hire.

    We found it easier to just hire an ebike at the other end

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