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  • Flying from Gatwick with bikes + Trip to London logistics
  • clubber

    Could you draw a diagram? I’m confused 😀

    I wouldn’t leave bikes in your van even if it’s blacked out.

    yeah, that’s a worry. I think I need to find an alternative hotel that has a car park. Or find some private “drive way” parking near Gatwick and leave all our kit down there while we’re in London.


    If you’re in a hotel, can you leave your bikes in the room as somewhere secure? They’ll be bagged so I wouldn’t see an issue there.

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    If you can keep the bikes in the room you can probably find somewhere to park the van in Southwark but it won’t be cheap and you’ll need to be out of London very early to avoid traffic and allow for the joys of M25/M23.

    If you do change hotel the Novotel in Greenwich has underground parking and is pretty easy to get to from Wembley arena. Also can be on the A2 easily for a sharp exit in the morning.

    If you park at Gatwick the trains from London Bridge start early so you should be able to get there, get the bikes and check in.

    When I say “hotel”, I mean “Travelodge”, but that could work. Still need someone to park the van though, close enough to the hotel to get to with 2 x bike bags, 2 x 20kg check in bags and some hand luggage.

    I realise that my suitability to cross the Atlantic and spend 3 weeks in the States my be questionable, based on this thread, but I’ll be fine when I get there….honest…..

    OK, bear with me, I’m hoping someone local can help.

    We flying to the States from Gatwick in October, on a monday morning. We’ll be driving so will park at the airport. We’re taking our own bikes.

    But, we already have a tickets for an event at Wembley on the Sunday night and are staying in Southwark on the Saturday and Sunday at a Travellodge with no parking.

    So….we need to drive to London from Bristol on saturday, park up securely somewhere, with our bikes in bags in our campervan (blacked out windows thankfully). Spend 2 days in London, back to Southwark area for Sunday night then get back to our van and drive to Gatwick for a 9am check in (presumably in south London rush hour traffic).

    I cant find any council car parks open over the weekend in the area and it’s a restricted parking zone. Any ideas?

    I suppose I could park at Gatwick on the saturday and get from the long stay car park to london on the Express, but not sure how easy it will be to get back to the airport on monday morning, get to the car park, get the bikes and luggage, then get back to check in. I’d imagine you hand you keys in at most car parks and your vehicle is moved?

    Otherwise, where can I park securely near Southwark? Is it risky to park up on the south edge of london on street, then get a bus in to town and back out?

    If anyone has stuck with this til the end, I’d appreciate some advice?!

    ps – this d1cks me off, where I live my street is used as a car park by local businesses, 100s of white vans and seasonal campers. I dont have the luxury of residents parking – but that’s for another day….

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    Couldn’t you drop the stuff outside the hotel, one of you guards it whilst van is parked then check in.

    Yeah, maybe the real questions here are:

    1. Where the hell can you park in Southwark from Saturday lunchtime to early monday morning, and
    2. How long will it take to drive from Southwark to Gatwick at 7am on a monday morning?


    Why so set on Southwark?

    Find alternative hotel with proper parking and then do a meet and greet at Gatwick so you don’t have to worry about carting the bikes and bags from the car park to check-in.

    BOSH! Sorted.

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    Think there is an NCP car park by London bridge

    No definite answer but would probably set off before 7 to be sure.

    Also if you are driving in central London after 7 on the Monday you’ll be liable for the congestion charge.

    We booked a non refundable hotel in Southwark before we’d arranged the flights.

    Meet and Greet is a good idea, luxury compared with our usual Easyjet bike dragging experience at Bristol airport.

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    as well as con charge you might need to check if you are liable under low emission zone with a camper van

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    One other thing to check is the height of the car park entrance that you are intending to use. Underground car park and camper van do not sound like a good mix.
    Try park at my house
    It’s a web site of private parking places, often peoples driveways, that are close to big venues. Some are run on a more commercial basis and have 30 spaces others are literally a spot on some ones driveway.


    Look into leaving your luggage at LGW:

    I wouldn’t leave luggage in van in London, anywhere. Other option is to leave it in long stay, but as you said may be a faff.

    London and parking are a general pain in the ronson, so I would try and store at left luggage or in a hotel. I was staying in a hotel that was (marginally) better than a Travel Lodge and simply brought the bike inside the hotel, in the bag.

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