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  • T1000

    Q for the Stw hive mid please

    Daughter nr 1 has a flat in that there London Town…
    Power has just tripped water is coming through ceiling from flat above….no one is there at the moment

    Has phoned landlord… who has arranged for handyman to calll around….

    So will the landlord have to pay to rehouse tenants until the property/ properties until habitable?


    Why should the landlord be liable for a third parties fault?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    My landlord insurance covers tenant accomodation in the event of something like this for up to a year. But that’s me being nice.
    What insurance has your daughter got? It may be she has to try and fight a corner for compensation.


    Had this when i first moved into a flat, tennant above offered to pay for repairs etc and claim them back off her insurance as it was her side of the flat stop tap, as opposed to the communal stop tap outside on the car park.

    If its the landlords side of the stop tap his or her insurance should pay thats if they have the relevant insurance.

    Take loads of pictures etc of the damage try to lift stuff off the floor and away from drips and leaks, plastic sheeting and bin bags all help..

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    So will the landlord have to pay to rehouse tenants until the property/ properties until habitable?

    That info should be in the lease!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Same landlord for both flats or different?


    I m a landlord and when i took out insurance for a rented flat the broker told me i had no liability for any claims against me from say neighbours. My plumber flooded downstairs and though and repaired the damage.

    The rental contract stipulates whether the landlord has to provide alternative accomodation in the event of flood, fire etc.


    Thanks for the helpful answers, it appears that it’s covered in the lease it’s just the landlord needed to be reminded to be nice!

    Usually the person who has suffered the loss (in this case the tenant & their landlord) need to claim on their insurance, and their insurers will seek to recover the costs from the insurers of the policyholders whose flat had the escape of water.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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