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  • Premier Icon binners

    We should start pumping more raw sewerage into the sea. That’d soon stop people flocking to the beach. The bastards!

    Premier Icon DezB

    Gosh, would you look at all the tattooed chavs on this beach!

    (note: this was in april 😉 )


    Not all beaches are like that though. As shown above, there are tons that are empty.

    yeah you’re right i’m more than generalizing, there’s actually some fantastic beaches near me that remain quiet during these nice months.

    it’s more to do with my over active brain and finding sitting down doing nothing in the sun a waste of time.

    now, throw a bike into the mix….

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Since when do you have to do nothing on the beach?!

    There’s engineering work to be done, and a whole underewater world to explore, for starters 🙂

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    So, anyone got any suggestions for the quietest nice beach within striking distance of Cardiff?

    This place is nice

    Park at the church just SW of Marcross, walk the rest of the way.
    The pub on the crossroads at Marcross is great, nice beer garden, good food. Was absolutely deserted last time we was there – gorgeous weather, nice and warm, not a soul. 🙂


    I’m back, bit windy today and yet the beach is still full.

    There seem to be a rather large number of 16-19 yr olds,,suppose just out of A-Level studies, hanging around with their shorts gravitating towards their skinny ankles… And you should see the Lads!!!

    We have a bit of cloud too, which is a shame 😆


    Even when it’s 40c our beaches aren’t packed. I think someone told me there’s 10km of beach for every person in Australia.


    There’s 23 million people in Australia is there not?


    Premier Icon molgrips

    crazy-legs, that looks good, but all that coast is gone at high tide isn’t it? Haven’t checked the tides for this weekend mind.


    God there’s some grumpy people about. The complainers remind me of the type of people who move to the countryside then complain about being woken at 5am by the cockerel crowing.
    It’s the beach. People like beaches and will visit them when the weather is good. We’re British. Is what we do.
    Get over it!

    I’m not complaining, I love going to the sea-side, I just don’t go where I know it’s going to be packed. Easy-peasy.
    And Mol, from Cardiff, you can see Burnham/Brean beach, so it’s not difficult to get to, or else go to Pendine; the first half-mile or so at the entrance is always busy, but then you’ve got around six miles to beach to drive along to find a quiet spot.
    Here’s Cardiff, seen from Brean Down, unfortunately hidden behind a car-carrier… 😉

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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