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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    A file? Had the same issue with Hope rotors and Shimano calipers though it was on the mounts so just filed them back.

    I use Formulas Ros and RXs with floaters. With the MONO minis or Ti floaty rotors It’s the rivets of the carrier that catch on the adaptor or caliper.

    You can use the V2s which means the rivets are further away. But thems is heavy and really for DH

    However, you only really need the mount/caliper mount far enough away to clear, the rotor still centres nicely in the caliper.

    You won’t be able to shim the caliper far enough to clear the rivets.

    Thanks Lord – I suck on your straw of wisdom….

    Suck long and deep, from the plasma pool of enrichment, my child.

    But funny….although you forgot the ‘t’ from your name to make it more valid….

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My experience of Hope floaters- they were more annoying to fit because of the limited clearance, they were more expensive, and they had no benefits at all (heavier than some of my steel rotors) Oh, and then the rivets wore so they were replaced on warranty twice.


    Yes hope floaters and shimano caliper, spaced caliper out a bit.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Yes but they “ting” when cooling, that is all that matters


    they “ting” when cooling

    This 😉

    I got them as the were cheap….so the only benefit that I sought was that they were not bent….

    Premier Icon nickc

    I bought some cause they look nice….they do indeed look nice…. Wanders off

    I tried and tried with them but just couldn’t get them to float. Rubbish.



    Have got four pairs of Superstar floaters I really like ’em. Only one had an issue one of the buttons that attach the rotor to the spider was just fractionally higher than the others and shinged against the caliper (M596). A couple of strokes with a flat file – just enough to take the paint off the caliper – was all it needed.

    Personally if they needed spacers to make them work I would take that as a sign that they didn’t work 🙂

    RM – that was weighing on my mind….hence the thread to gauge experience….


    The problem I have is the projecting face of the alloy carrier rubbing on the fork stanchion. Not something I can sort with spacing washers either!The red anodising has largely worn off the front rotor, which is a shame

    The problem for me was the inside surface of the fork is heavily worn so the caliper and mount sit closer to the disc than they would have done when new. I reckon the previous owner must’ve ridden with the QR’s loose to cause this damage. I found the answer was to put an extra washer in the hub to increase the distance between disc and caliper.

    You could just put a washer between the wheel and the fork and see if it helps.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh yeah… I think, if I’d bought Superstar ones and had the problems I had, this forum would have been sharpening the pitchforks as usual. But since it was Hope, everyone told me how I should be delighted they replaced them on warranty quickly 😉 But if Hope can’t get it right, I certainly wouldn’t trust Fruit to. It’s nice when brakes work properly.

    Has anyone had issues with this type of rotor catching on the caliper?

    Are spacers/washers the only/best solution?

    I have Formula The One brakes and just purchased Superstar Floating Rotors…

    Cheers for any experiences….


    Iv tried all kinds of rotors and you definately get much less brake fade with floaters on long steep downhill – not to mention never warping.

    Also bling is increased by 72%

    ..but the rivets do wear out on the squity 160mm ones eventually – didn’t think about warrenty – missed a trick there!

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