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    Looking to get a float suit type thing for the wee guy (1 soon). He loves swimming and has all the doggy paddle moves going so I’m figuring if we get him something round his midriff which helps him float he’ll be off. Any suggestions?


    We have a SplashAbout float jacket. It is very nice, but the size 1-3 is only just small enough for my 19 month old daughter. Other than that it is brilliant, and she loves zooming between the two parents whilst wearing it.

    When she was 1, I was mostly swimming around with her on me, splooshing her around the pool, and letting her jump in off the side. I only really felt I wanted the float suit at about 16 months or so when she started launching herself off me and needing catching.

    They also do a float suit which apparently has a smaller range it fits, so might be better for a smaller baby.



    ^ apart from the one i listed above from Decathlon, there is a life vest style one that i got my son. It has removeable foam floats in so you can remove them one by one until they can swim on their own.
    Think it came from TK Maxx or Toys R Us. It was a bit cheaper than the Decathlon one.

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    The midriff floaty thing didn’t work for our kid, her bum floated up so high it dunked her face in the water. Armbands solved the problem though but they do make it harder to do doggy paddle arms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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