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  • Float RL 140 (2010) vs Revelation RLT Solo 150 (2013)
  • Alpha1653

    I’m currently riding a 2010 SC Heckler with 140mm Fox Float RL QR forks but I’ve recently been looking at a set of 2013 Revelation RLT 150 Solo airs (with pushloc) as a replacement for about £350. However, am I being an idiot? Is the change worth it?

    With everything in the industry now apparently adopting new standards (tapered steerers, 15/20 axles etc) the choice of forks with 11/8 steerers is rapidly diminishing and it seems that Fox have fallen out of favour. Would a set of 150mm RLT Revs be that much different to my now apparently underrated Floats? Am I actually going to notice the extra 10mm of travel and the bolt through axle? I reckon the Heckler’s got a few years left in it yet as it’s pretty much bombproof, plenty stiff enough and far more capable than the person riding it – is it worth trying to bring it up to date with a 150mm/bolt through fork or should I just try to sell before it’s obsolete and buy a new bike?

    As an aside, if there are any other forks I should consider, please flag them up.

    Premier Icon rickon

    I don’t think RS do a 2013 Rev without a tapered steerer…..

    The QR15 is well worth the upgrade, more so that then 10mm extra travel, Revs are much stiffer, and plusher too.

    As it happens…. I’m selling a 6 month old, just serviced 2012 Rev, 150mm, 15mm Maxle, straight steerer. Installed TFT low friction seals, new Motul oil all round. Excellent condition, no marks to the stanchions.

    Pop me an email if you’re interested – £190 posted to you 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    What don’t you like about the Foxes? There’s definite differences but whether you’ll feel them is another question and whether you’ll care yet another.

    I found my RLs pretty divey, and frankly 32s are pretty dang flexy at 140mm and not in the same class as Revs- they’re just an overstreched XC fork really. But again, is that a problem for you? (I notice the difference in stiffness between my Lyriks and my Sids as you’d expect, but I don’t really care!)


    I have the 2013 revs (which look super awesome in all black) and they are the best fork I’ve ever owned.

    to be honest, Fox must be shitting themselves with what RS have pulled out this year.

    Fox forks are twisty, noodley and divey.

    the greatest asset fox have is their marketing and brand presence.


    Rickon – What spec are the forks? How come you’re getting rid after only 6 months?

    North wind – do I care? Fair question. The thing is not having not ridden any other forks I’ve got nothing to compare the fox’s to. The heckler’s a great frame and I absolutely sure it’s stiff enough etc etc so reckon it’d be even better with stiffer forks.

    Merlin have got 2013 Revs with straight steerers at a reduced price but with pushloc which I would be looking to remove.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Hiya Alpha,

    I’ve bought some Rockshox Pike to replace them, so have them to sell 🙂 I’m a bit of a serial seller of kit, if you check my profile post history, you’ll see all the stuff I’ve sold.

    They’re in brilliant condition, up to you 🙂



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