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  • Float R emits green bubbly stuff
  • khani

    Its normal I think, they have float fluid or oil inside the air can for lubrication, if the rebounds working ok and the shock isn’t making big squelchy noise during use its probably ok..

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Ok, so I just let a bit of pressure out of my rear shock and got some green bubbly liquid which I assume is shock oil bubbling out of the air valve.
    Only did it when I pressed the pin.
    Shock seems to work properly.
    Sh bike, new to me.
    Is it sensible to ride in this condition? As I say it seems to damp properly so I’m assuming there is no massive seal fail going on…

    Premier Icon GHill

    Sounds normal.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Cool, thanks and sorry for the delay!

    Um, what would the ‘big squelchy noise’ mean? Leaky air damper? It seems to hold pressure and work correctly – I don’t hear a noise in operation but my mate riding alongside thinks he hears a noise that might answer the description. Shock is original equipment on a s/h bike I’ve just built up but had apparently just had an aircan service and new seals before I got it.

    I knew about Float Fluid being in the guts but I hadn’t expected it to come out of the valve and I was a bit thrwn by the colour as I thought Float Fluid was blue… but I’m advised it can look green

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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