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  • Float 36 set-up: any tips or suggested settings?
  • Premier Icon tmb467

    Sag is set at about 20% (I have it written down as a little bit over 80psi) and I weigh about 14stone

    They are run with almost no rebound damping (18/22 – so almost open) and no high speed damping at all

    Only a touch of compression damping (maybe 8 clicks closed)

    Only one blue spacer in em so keep em fairly empty

    These aren’t the Fox recommended settings – but were set up by Mojo for me


    Now I’ve got fancy forks I might as well get them working right. Forks are the HSC and LSC ones. I’m 11.5 stone (maybe 12 kitted up) and the forks are 150mm on a 2017 Five. Just wondered if anyone can recommend some settings to get me started. They feel good so far but I can probably get them better. Riding only natural trails in Calderdale and Lakes, so moorland singletrack, rough stuff, steep stuff and I generally like my suspension on the soft side. Is there a minimum pressure to avoid damaging the forks? Ta for any tips.

    Sag as normal. HSC full open for natural stuff unless you’re bottoming over jumps. LSC full open to 5 clicks on depending on how steep the trails are. Rebound as fast as you can handle… that’s about 4-5 clicks normally for me.

    That is what I learned from the Fox guys on the recent Orbea Rallon launch and found it really worked. I have to admit I’m not much of a twiddler but on the launches it’s half the time riding and half twiddling so I learned a lot.

    I was told that there is no problem to be bottoming them out a few times a ride.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Got 2 36’s.
    A 27.5 at 180 and a 29 at 160
    Both have had work done on the damper.
    Reshim and lighter oil.
    Found that on small chatter they were far to harsh even with the high and low speed damping backed all the way off.

    Now running a couple of clicks of high speed and around 10 on the low speed.
    So much better on the chatter now and still just as good on mid and big hits.
    Email Paul at Mojo and tell him you’d be interested in the same mod he did for me (and himself after tyring it out on my fork)


    Cheers guys, really helpful. I’ll get them set and leave well alone after that. They already feel pretty good, and I’ve always reckoned that bottoming out a couple of times per ride is a good thing.

    Stu – ayup there. Hope all’s well. One day we’ll get a UK ride done, one day!

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Indeed. 😀

    Premier Icon tmb467

    They modded my 160 to 180 and tweaked negative air spring to be pretty sensitive

    Really hold up the front of the bike but still feel plush

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