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  • andypandy85

    Not tried the Freeride shoes but 5.10 are the way to go. I use the Impact shoes for DH and the grip is phenomenal!


    5:10 freeriders are great shoes as long as their dry, when its wet they absorb a phenomenal amount of water and take an age to dry, shimano am41’s are better in my opinion simply because of the water issues.

    esher shore

    have used 5-10 Sam Hill V1 and V2 shoes for years, mainly for trail riding in the UK in all weathers including snow and mud, some absolutely filthy weather really?

    never any issues with water absorption? Actually very surprised at the performance in foul weather, normally wearing just merino wool socks and never had cold or wet feet?

    have not owned / tried 5-10 High Impact models so cannot speak about those models with authority.

    my Sam Hill V2 are worn out (sole and shoe starting to split across toe box 3 + years old, no hesitance in replacing with another pair of 5-10 shoes


    I’m using Tevas as they were a better fit than the 5-10s. Gripy enough for me.


    time for new shoes again thinking of trying five ten freeride,any one got any views.or is there better out there


    I’m looking at some flats too. Really split between the Teva Pinner (good reviews) and the 5 10 freeride. Only £10 between them so leaning towards the freeride.

    I’m using Tevas as they were a better fit than the 5-10s

    I have heard the Tevas can be a bit on the slim side, have you found this?


    thanks for all your views are the shimano am41,has gripy has the five tens

    Premier Icon jam bo

    i’ve not been overly impressed with my teva links. they are comfy but not lasted the best.

    vans gravel are currently on my wishlist.


    Vans Gravels, because they don’t look like bike shoes.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    there are 2 common complaints against 5:10’s

    1) hold a bit more water than other shoes, so take longer to dry
    2) too grippy – it can be a bugger to get your foot in the right position

    AM41’s are better in the wet, and perhaps a little less grippy, which lots of people regard as a good thing.

    you don’t need *REALLY* grippy shoes, and pedals with 2″ spikes on them.

    you can get more grip than you need from any half-decent shoe + pedal combo if you have half-decent technique:

    1) foot position: axle just behind the ball of your foot.
    2) don’t stand on tip-toes – relax your ankles.

    the grippiest shoe in the world won’t help you at all if your technique is bit shonky.


    Sam Hill 5 tens. Removable inner sole. Great shoes.

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