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  • Flat-pedal compatible warm dry feet for the winter
  • Premier Icon benp1
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    I’ve often thought about gluein velcro strips or studs to my shoes, and then more strips or eyelets onto gaiters. Gaiters are the answer, but without needing to go under the shoes

    My recent muddy trips have been merrell fabric waterproof boots and quick drying, long trousers (montane terra)

    Definitely less grip with the boots than with proper flats like my terrex or tevas, but still been fine. Have been used on natural stuff and the odd trail centre. Sometimes when I go on a family holiday with my bike I just take walking boots because the faff of taking another pair of shoes just for a couple of rides is too much

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Have seen these and they look good, not sure if they are available yet

    Five Ten Trailcross Mid GTX

    They do look good, but the link above suggests August 2020 for the one that interests me! That can’t be right, why would they bother telling us about them?

    Premier Icon graemethejock
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    5.10 guide tennie for me . First pair coming up to it’s 3rd winter by no means waterproof but a hell of an improvement from teva links high tops
    Wear with either merino socks or sealskinz never had cold feet…

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    These are great to winterise a non-winter shoe –

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    Thanks for all your suggestions, folks – went for these in the end – decent discount on them at Amazon at the moment:

    Vaude AM Moab Mid STX

    Will be pairing ’em with a new pair of calf-length Sealskinz that don’t have holes in the toes like my current ones.

    I’ll let you know how well they work.

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    Those Colombia boots are £70 delivered on Amazon at the moment.

    Have ordered a pair, not sure if I will use them on the bike, but look like a comfortable warm boot.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Bugger, I literally just ordered a set from bikeinn for £75! Ah well

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Yeah, I ordered a set of Tons boots from Amazon too. They had (what I hope is) my size in the plain black for £70.

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Boots arrived. Fit is spot-on (room for a warm sock). Sole looks good for pedals with (maybe) enough grip for walking too.

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