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  • Flat pedal and shoe recommendations please
  • athgray

    Superstar Nano. I find them really good.


    Kona Wah wah, five tens.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    I came off my bike Sunday and as I slid off my left foot was caught in my SPD and as I slid the bike levered my foot up under and behind me hyperextending the ankle joint. I now have a badly sprained ankle and will be off the bike (according to the doc) for at least a few weeks.
    I was thinking that if it were not for my foot being stuck in the pedal this would have resulted in little more than the scrapes and bruises to my back and arm, and of course the piss taking.
    So as I’ve a couple of days off, I can use this time to do a bit of shopping.
    So those that use flats for general trail riding what are you using?

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    DMR V8’s, shimano am40’s.

    I’ve ridden Gusset Slim Jim mag flats for the past 4 years. They are just at the point where they need new bearings now and I ride very muddy stuff round here in winter. They have lasted way longer than I expected.
    That said I have also ridden them for the same time in a pair of Merrell “approach” shoes which utterly coincidentally seem to grip them very well and have the right stiffness of sole for me and the rubber “sticks” well when wet.
    I’ve just bought Teva links which work well with them too, as the shoes have had it now as well.
    I’am thinking of trying Superstar Nanos, but will be annoyed with myself if they dont work as well as the Gussets.
    I can’t recall a pedal / shoe issue at all with the Gusset / Merrel combo, which has surprised me.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    That’s good. Most of the shoes I’ve seen have very flat soles with little grip so if you have to get off and push in the mud I could see that being quite comical. A pair of merrels might do the trick though.


    nanos and five tens


    Nanos and 5:10 freeriders……excellent combo


    Nano & 5:10karvers.

    Once you get used to flats again though – just about any shoe & peddle combo.


    currently running knackered DMR V8s paired with Astro-turf boots… (£20 from Sports Direct)

    I’m very tempted by SS Nanos while they have 20% off.. any preferences re thru-pins or normal pins?


    DMR vaults and vans gravel (with vans take on the sticky sole) or 5:10 freeriders, the vans are a bit more hard wearing than the 5:10s but still stick like the proverbial to a blanket.

    dave c

    5:10s and Wellgo MG1s. The 5:10s were a big improvement over the skate shoes I was using before. Nice light pedals too, but I’ve not tried the Nanos.


    Crampons & Avia Avi-Bolts

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    five-tens and Nukeproof Neutron’s

    My Nano thu pins just arrived in the post. Massive platform and loads of grip by the looks of them. Can’t wait to test!
    Currently running the superstar ignite pedals, they be getting swapped to my SS tho.

    After a big off (failure to bail in time contributed to injuries) I switched to flats. I suspect they are all very similar versus each other – the big difference is that they are not SPDs (stating the obvious I know, but what I mean is that if you make the switch you have done the big difference – the rest is just details).

    FWIW I went with Superstar Nanos with through pins which are great though the paint has come off due to pedal strikes on rocks etc. Shoe wise I started using some cheap old trainers and now have Shimano flats (AM45s?). They are better but it is not not night and day – as I said once you are on flats the rest is smaller incremental change or so it seems to me.

    I have even managed to do a very small bunny-hop…


    My Nanos wont thread onto my XT crank. They came off my DH bike and I suspect the threads have been bunked. Cant get the end caps off either, hex hole is just rounding so will be difficult to change the axles. Shame as I like the platform & grip.

    Premier Icon rossburton

    I’ll echo the superstar nano/5:10 combination. I’m liking my Red Barron shoes, not quite so chunky as the Impacts as I don’t downhill.

    The magic compound that the sole is made from is surprisingly grippy but if you’ll often be climbing up wet mud then I think you can get some 5:10s with more tread around the side.

    I’ve got 5.10’s and Da-bomb bare bones pedals (same basic design as on-one thinies).

    On the plus side they work really well, the pedals are light, on the minus side the anodising is made of cheese singles and there’s some play in the bearings after just a few rides, we’ll see if it gets worse but doesn’t bode well.

    Before that combo I used normal skate shoes and burgtech penthouse pedals which were unbeatable. Slightly less tacky than the 5.10’s but I never slipped a pedal. If I could justify another set of burgtechs I’d get them in a heartbeet they really are as good as those who use them say they are, and mine lasted 3 years and now have the slightest hint of play so you could argue they’re better value than 3x £45 pedals as there’s easily another season left in them bnefore they need a rebuild (and kits are only £15 or somethign equaly cheep!).


    dmr v12s – down to 37 quid on crc at the mo.


    at the mo i am using premium bmx pedals and nike meelee shoes (canvas)
    i go through pedals quickly. never tried the near 100 quid a pair jobbies


    Think I’ve tried most pedals of the exotic variety.
    Canefield Crampons probably rank as the worst ever IMHO. Bearing life was super short, raised axle made itself felt where its higher than the rest of the pedal – but they did look uber cool!

    Podium point one’s are a very nice pedal, but again limited bearing life and a total pain to change the bearings, even with Podium’s own tool. Having owned 2 pairs and changed a few bearings, including friends I sold my 2 sets.

    Easton flatboys appear to be the longest lasting pedal going, are very heavy, but very nice to use, slightly concave design (which upon reflection seems to be a good detail to ensure any pedal you pick has). My LBS have an old set of flatboys as loan pedals and I think this is a good endorsement of how hardy they are and without need for much TLC.

    Penthouse pedals are good/robust in all ways, but again like the Eastons very heavy.

    I recently tried Loaded pedals (6 bearings per axle) – crap bearing life.

    Nukeproof make good pedals, yet to try the Superstar, but appear to be rip offs/copies of Nukeproof pedals. Would recommend Nukeproof as having pretty good bearings and nice size/shape of pedals.

    Currently I am using DMR valuts, having originally started with DMR pedals around 10yrs ago, am dead impressed with them. Main feature is they are big, so if you have big feet or want a pedal you can find again after a jump, they seem a good choice. Decent weight, Bearings so far seem ok (mine are only 2months old). Nice choice of colours. Would say in bad winter conditions the massive platform of this pedal will work wonders for keeping shoes gripped on.

    Shoewise – I’ve used Shimano’s flat pedal shoe for years, recently changed to five 10’s and must concede the five 10s are far better at gripping, but do have a firmer sole with slightly less feel.

    Premier Icon SimonR

    Put about a year in on DMR vaults. Still running smoothly. Platform feels better than Nanos (bigger and more concave) and bearings are way better. However, for the money the Nanos are a pretty good choice.

    Both use with Teva Links and Shimano AM40s. Both give good grip – Tevas have the edge for comfort, speed of drying, support-when-pedalling and hike-a-bike.


    Nano’s and Vans Gravels.

    5.10’s felt too big and clumpy, too much grip (unable to adjust foot position on pedal) and took forever to dry out when they were wet.


    Ive just recently gone to flats from SPDS

    I got 5-10 freerdiers and wellgo B124s and it seems to be a good combination so far and really grippy.


    I use Shimano DX pedals. Had the same set for nearly 6 years. Easy to maintain and put back together.

    I also use Teva Pinner shoes. Had a pair of 5:10’s and they weren’t comfortable. Love the Teva’s so far. Half the price at 40 quid brand new too.


    Nano’s and AM45’s. The latter are super comfy and with this combo my feet have not slipped once yet.


    Spank Spikes – thin, grippy, include (removable) centre pins by the axle which the Nano’s lack, no issues with durability.
    5:10 Freeriders. Natch.


    I’m using 5.10 spitfire freeride’s with nukeproof Nuetrons, the neutrons are the same as Nano’s but slightly more expensive. I liked the silver finish and refuse to use superstar so they Suited me!!…very grippy/comfy combo.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    JPcapel – Member

    Nukeproof make good pedals, yet to try the Superstar, but appear to be rip offs/copies of Nukeproof

    to be fair the nanos came out first and they are identical pedals (nps have a spanner flat machined onto the axle) but they are just rip offs of the kona wah wah, who in turn have them made by HT?

    the fact is they are great pedals, light, slim excellent grip, last ages

    you can by them branded ht, exotic, deity, kona, nukeproof, ss…. etc

    if SS have them going cheap then id go with them, they have a good colour selection!

    and as for shoes i use 5-10 impacts grip is excellent but they are a bit clumpy!


    to be fair the nanos came out first and they are identical pedals (nps have a spanner flat machined onto the axle) but they are just rip offs of the kona wah wah, who in turn have them made by HT?

    Yeah, all Nukeproof or Superstar do is specify the colors, logos, pins and bearings to be used on the HT manufactured pedals…

    I’m thinking of picking up a pair of saints after work. Not really more then those HT rebranded models, not a lot heavier but I trust they’ll hold up well and are available locally.

    Just tested the SS nano pedals on a little lunchtime blast. Nothing too steep but held my cheap flat soled shoes very well. The platform is massive and there was loads of grip. Much better foot hold than the SS ignite pedals they replaced.


    Iirc Welgo MG-1 with Ti axels are like 60 quid on ebay.

    I love my V12 mags…


    t-obias where did u get the tevas from for £40?


    Exotics and AM 40s – ace.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    I’ve just had my first week on a set of the new Saint pedals. Look bling. Shimano reliability expected to be as usual. Lots of little improvements over the old DX’s and less than 50 quid. Job’s a good un! 🙂

    (Used with 5:10 Danny Megaskill shoes)


    Does anyone else find that 5:10s are *too* sticky? I struggle with any attempt at micro-adjustment if I’ve placed my foot on the pedals a tiny bit out.


    Double post…

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Many folk do agree with you crispy. Personally I don’t find it a problem. You just have to lift your foot. Whether that’s an issue or not is a personal thing?

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