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  • Flat mount to post mount adaptor bolts argh…..
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    Can anyone help please, i’m losing the will to live!!

    Bought my son a new road bike frame and forks, pinnacle dolomite. It takes flat mount calipers so I bought some clarks adaptors so I can use his existing post mount brakes. I’ve sussed out that I now need some m5 40mm bolts for the rear adaptor, and I’ve got some the right length for the fork adaptor but the heads won’t fit in the recess, seems like they need to be a really small head.

    Can anyone recommend some m5 bolts with a small head please?????

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    Two minutes with a lathe would sort them…

    I know our local little bike shop bought a kit of screws specifically for flat mount in all the weird lengths as it was a constant frustration to him. I’d imagine any other decent shop should have the same. Think the kit was by Aztec or TRP.

    This one – £65!!

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    Cheers, I’ll drop into Evans to see if they any that fit, as it’s one of their frames.

    Will also check the LBS. Length if bolt is fine and rear ones are easy consort as well. It’s the bloody recess in the front adaptor that will only accept a really small bolt head!!

    Actually, I got some from hope for some brake bar mounts that I think quite a small head. Now can I find them…..

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    Stick the bolts you’ve bought in a drill chuck by the thread, spin it up and hold a file against the head. DIY lathe…

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