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  • Fixing a carbon seat post – epoxy?
  • porridge….strongest adhesive known to man

    well first thought was duck tape


    There’s nothing you’re going to do to repair it. Don’t use it, your balls are in danger of being ripped off!

    The aluminum head of my carbon seatpost has come loose, so the saddle can turn with the post clamped. It’s less than a year old so I should return it, but I want to use it at the weekend so hoping to repair.

    I was thinking I’d clean it and try to get some 2-part epoxy into the join. Anything better than that for bonding carbon fibre to ally?


    Of course you could try and fix it yourself, however you will need to get the right type of epoxy for the job, prep the joints and cure it (probably at an elevated temperature). getting the epoxy and doing the repair properly will take a little time, particularly of you are a novice. Once you have done it no guarantee you will have done it well, hence it could break again and your warranty will be void.

    My advice is send it back, and source a low cost alternative for the time being. It makes more sense.


    Just ordered a new seatpost and have my fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    not ‘drill through post and head, shove a nail through and bend the end over to stop it falling out’ then?



    I had an early Bontrager Carbon post with an alloy head in the mid nineties. After a few hard years the head squeeked and rotated a little bit… and I noticed this two days before a race, and I was skint, and as the post had not bent or failed in any other way like so many before I decided I HAD to try repair it. I managed to remove the alloy head and there was sign of delamination etc so my brain said it would be okay to rebond (glue) it. So I degreased the two surfaces with nail varnish remover and stuck them back together with Araldite (two part epoxy). This held for another few years before I did the same again.

    Return it if you can but a repair might be possible depending on what it looks like when you take it apart and how brave/skint you are… only you can decide.

    I just made an old 30.9 post fit with a shim made from a Guiness can – seems solid and I’ve had the Guiness so it’s a win win 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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