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  • Five Ten to Adidas sizing help
  • TimT

    After many years and lotsa use my old Five Ten Freerider Pros need replacing. So now Adidas have bought them and changed the sizing. In old money I was a UK8.5/EU42.5, but in the new, Adidas sizing with 10.7″/270mm long feet I’m looking at UK10/EU44 2/3. A huge change. I have to buy online as there’s no Australian distributor. Can anyone reassure me that the new sizing numbers are so much higher and I’ve got it right?

    I have a new set of Adidas Five Ten Sleuth, a set of Adidas Trailcross, a pair of Freeriders, and a pair of Freerider Pro, all size ten, no difference in sizing that I’m aware of. Be amazed if you needed shoes two sizes bigger.

    Freerider Pro are definitely smaller than regular Freeriders . I went from a 9 to a 9.5 in UK sizing . I’m a 9 in normal shoes .

    My 5:10 kestral lace and Adidas terrex cross trails are just my normal shoe size. Both are a lot narrower than anything 5:10 used to produce which suits me fine.


    I cant say as to old versus new but if it helps I’ve just bought a pair of Hellcat Pros…in everyday shoe I hover between a size UK9 to UK 9.5, the Hellcats are a size UK10 and the fit is bang on.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    If you have the old ones pre Adidas then the web site says for that model

    Order at least 1 size larger than your usual size

    Their rep who goes round the MTB events over here says the same

    When I updated mine I went on their recommendation and order the next size up and they were fine


    Thanks everyone.

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    I bought some new hellcat pros to replace the same model from 2018. The style appears identical except colour. The old ones I have are a perfect fit for me and the new ones quite a bit tighter. They’re definitely not the same and I think I’ll have to return them for half a size up. Frustrating…


    I just replaced my size 9.5/44/285 free riders with some impacts. I went up one size to a 10/44.5 which is the same 285mm. Fit feels the same, definitely not bigger. Possibly a bit snugger- the old ones were big for their UK size I would say
    Edit- I nearly bought the same size until I read the size chart (on CRC) which definitely says to go up one size. I’d have been returning them as too small if I’d bought 44 again.

    New shoes are bigger.

    I now have the trail cross mid pro and LT. Both much longer than the Sam Hills Impacts I had. I have gone down 1/2 a size.

    For those interested

    Mid Pro –
    LT (Published today) –

    old freeriders – last generation Vs new Adidas Sleuths? anyone help?

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