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  • FIVE Ten Shoe Sizing
  • Hi I’m looking to get some new Five Ten impact shoes, I was just wondering what the sizing is like?

    I’m UK 10.5 and not sure to go 11 or 10.5?

    Never had 5 10s before.


    I find it spot on but I size up 1/2 size and in Winter can get extra layer under my waterproof socks. In summer they tighten well on the laces and take in the slack.


    I size up a half. Like above it leaves room for thicker socks when needed.

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    Got both the old and the new. If they have the Adidas logo on them I have to go up half a size
    Adidas site also recommends going up 1/2 size


    Definitely size up, especially so if you have high arches or broad feet or that longer roman second toe.

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    I’ve one pair pre Adidas and went up half a size and they are a bit tight. The post Adidas ones I went up half a size and they are a bit less tight.

    I have a few pairs of Five Ten pre Adidas. All are size 10. Ordered the new Trail Cross Pro this week in a 10. Sent straight back and now have a 9.5. The 10’s were really long.

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    I’ve always found them a bit small. Though best bet would obviously be to try a pair on somewhere.


    Is it recently that they’ve got smaller?

    I’m a size 10 and have several pairs in size 10 from approx 3 years ago and they feel spot on

    The regular five ten styles 1/2 size up to regular size. Keep an eye on the adidas app as the freerider and winterised styles have been down to £48-63

    Ps.dont forget to go via vouchercodes for a 20% discount code off the adidas website

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    They got smaller when Adidas started to put their label on them. There was a cross over point when you could end up with a new or old pair due to stock.
    If you know what style you want Adidas kindly tell you in the info if you need to size up. They know which styles need this as they log and collate all the returns. If your ordering from else where then check on the Adidas site first for the info


    Had to go up .5 of a size with my latest 5.10 too, before that have had 2 pairs which were spot on my regular size. I also own a number of pairs of Adidas trainers, all of which I have had to buy half a size up too.


    My normal freeriders are a tad tighter than the leather pros or my older impact vxi, if you size up then an extra insole will sort out the fit if needed, those cheap soft foam ones.

    With my Freerider DLX (Addidas logo’d) I have a 10. My usual size is 9.
    Funny size labelling under the tongue which say FR (France?) 44 2/3.


    Always had size 45 Shimano shoes.
    Got myself some 5.10 Impact Sam Hills by Christmas and had to go up for size 46

    I am UK 10.5 in the new (adidas) versions where as before i was UK 10.
    They have got narrower too and the new 10.5 could do with being a touch wider. i.e. like the old ones!! i don’t have particularly wide feet. just slightly wider. They need to offer a slightly wider version!!!!!

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