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  • Five ten Freerider pro
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    Need a new pair of mtb shoes, my current pair of Five ascents are dreadful for getting water logged but are really comfy, but have held up well to a few years of abuse.

    I tried a pair of the Freerider Pro’s today, fully expecting just got ‘yup they’ll do nicely thanks’…except I didn’t like them. The Upper material felt very, very stiff to the point where when I bent my foot the creased material dug into the top of my foot and was uncomfortable.

    I’d like to know if anyone else experienced this, or if the material softened up over time? They aint cheap to be uncomfortable.

    Oh. I had these on my list too. Inteested to hear.


    i have just bought my third pair. love them. cant imagine there is anything better for me.

    but yes, they are definitely a little stiff out the box. soon soften up tho.


    I’ve had mine for about 18 months, and yes they do soften up. I remember them feeling stiff, but not uncomfortable initially. In comparison to my Ion Raid shoes, the Freerider Pros are less stiff, more comfortable, more durable, and grip the pedals much better

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    they’re comfy but don’t last, mine are really coming apart after a year now.


    I’ve got some for sale in a 7 if that any good to you.

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    I thought the same when I tried mine on, a bit stiffer than my well worn Freerider Elements, but they do soften up after a few rides and now I don’t notice them at all.


    Ditto here, too. I was expecting where they creased to really annoying me but I’ve never noticed. I’ve also been worried they will crack where they crease but after 700 miles they are still ok. Winter will tell I guess but they are veeeery comfy for riding, as well as some forced walking up Helvellyn and super rocky bits of the Peaks.

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>Recommeded. If you find anything better let me know. </span>


     I’ve also been worried they will crack where they crease

    This was my concern also, I’m temted to try those Giro Riddance although I do have wide feet. I’m just not really comfortable spunking £120 brick on a pair of shoe that aren’t …eer comfortable out of the box.


    Giro Riddance aren’t any good for grip.  Seriously dreadful.

    Back to Five Tens for me.

    The sole is much stiffer than my previous Five Tens too. Not sure if I prefer it or not, but I really struggled on my first few rides as I couldn’t feel the pedals.

    They still take years to get too.

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